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GPS equipped Turtle Tracks Marijuana Fields!

Isiah Johnson of Chevy Chase, Maryland, was busted by a GPS equipped turtle, who is obviously good at finding his own stash to eat. (or do turtles smoke too?)

Too bad he isn’t a medical marijuana card holder living in San Francisco (he’d have been legally allowed to grow like 5-10 plants), he is stuck with Maryland’s gay laws and probably head to jail or probation at the least.

A Chevy Chase resident was arrested last week in connection with a marijuana field growing in Rock Creek Park south of the Maryland line.


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DIY – How to Make a Hydroponics Unit for Growing Weed!

Don’t mind the post title as this DIY shows you how to make hydroponics unit for growing anything.

Aside from people with medical marijuana licenses who live in San Francisco and can legally grow several pot plants, the hydroponic system can be used for growing your own organic vegetables and what not.

My wife teaches 8th grade science. This project “The Hydroshack” is a rendition of one I built over 20 years ago in my college teaching methods class. It is designed specifically for perfor

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Medical Marijuana Vending Machine in California!


Yey, finally the freedom of the green leaf has reached a vending machine….

Medical marijuana can be purchased from a vending machine in California. Yes, you have to have a prescription. In order to use the machines, you have to have an ID card, and you’ll be fingerprinted and photographed by a security guard at the machine site. See a video report

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