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Memcached, MediaWiki, and MySQL for optimizing Database

Today, I saw that Hackszine’s Jason Striegel has postsed a blog post about Memcached and MySQL.

Well, basically Memcached is an open-source software for your web server that allows you to cache almost any MySQL query.

In other words, it caches your MySQL queries.  But to do this, you do need to check the Memcached cache before doing the actual MySQL query.

So what’s the point?

Well, certain Wiki soft

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Traffic Explosion with SiteHoppin

This post was guest-blogged by Adriaan from i am jack’s design. (Send your guest blog posts to guest@zedomax.com to get them published for free)



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iTunes MediaWiki Theme v.0.1 for SiteHoppin’!

New theme for MediaWiki and SiteHoppin’ called the iTunes Theme for MediaWiki v.0.1 by Max! 🙂

Okay, details here on the drunken blog.

via SiteHoppin

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Drunken Update and Drunken Development

As I am running out of money to live and keep up websites, it’s seems like getting drunk everyday helps me forget all that.

On top of all that, I am so drunk off my mind while trying to develop our new site, SiteHoppin.com.

The reason? Well, you need to be able to be in the same mind frame as someone who’d be using the site and the site is all about having a beer in your hand while you go “site hoppin'R

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Our new site SiteHoppin’ and KnolProject.Net

You’ve been wondering why there were so few posts on Zedomax.com over the last 3 weeks, we have been working around the clock, through Christmas Eve and New Years to bring you brand new sites.

While they are in heavy development, you can check out our “live” progresses.

You are welcome to register for a username and play around with it until we get our new “tag browsing” function implemented and bunch of other stuff being added on.

You can check our

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Spam-bot protection – Bad Behavior Plugin for Bloggers and Wikis

Here’s a cool plugin that seeks out malicious spam-bots before they even get to put a comment on your blog…  Our load on over servers were getting hectic so we had to use some type of plugin that will hopefully eliminate some of the 1000 spam comments we get everyday.

Right now it supports:

    DotClear Drupal Geeklog MediaWiki WordPress

via andewkuo.net

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New Face for Zedomax Blogs – Zedomax Wiki running MediaWiki

We have a new face for our blog, which will be a wiki.  Wikis are becoming very popular these days among the general public and large organizations.  In our experience over the last couple months testing the wiki, the wikis provide far greater depth into how you can sort and store information. Wiki would be something between HTML and Word DOC except 100 times faster in organizing and re-organizing.  Now might be a good time to start your own wiki site, since wikipedia does al

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