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Eco-Friendly Wind Powered Toy Car!

There’s has been no better time than today to learn about saving energy with the eco-friendly wind powered toy car.  We suggest you to get one for your child for the best learning experience.  Actually, I might get one myself it’s so cool…

(Picture of the race car charging)

Video of the wind-powered car in action:


This new educational kit lets you explore the mechanisms involved in harnessing t

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DIY Flame Thrower!


(Jump to 1:11 for flames!)

Here’s a cool DIY Flame Thrower project that will remind you of X-men characters.

Definitely this isn’t as powerful as anything in the movies but will burn most things off pretty fast.

The Pyro System is my final project for a mechanisms class in the spring of 2008. It gives me the power that the X-Men character Pyro has

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DIY – How to Build a Hard Disk Green Laser Projector!

Here’s a really cool DIY showing you how to build a hard disk laser scanner made from bunch of old hard disks.

My latest tinkery hardware and embedded systems project is a homebrew laser scanner. You know, the kind you see at planetariums- sweep a laser beam around on the wall really fast, and draw vector graphics. Commercial laser scanners have been around for decades now, but buying a complete system is still really pricy, even on eBay. Besides, w

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Solar Powered Backpack!

Check out the solar powered backpack that let’s you charge your gadgets while you walk, ride the bike, or even chillin’ at the beach!

From Voltaic comes this small light weight Green Solar Panel Converter Pack. Multiple attachment mechanisms mean it can work as a pannier on a bicycle, a tank bag on a motorcycle, a saddle pack, or a day bag attached to a lager rucksack. 4 watts of solar power for fast charging.

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