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DIY Soda Can Robot “Robug” Kits for your Kids!

Rather than buying your kids something from ToysRUs, you might want to consider getting him/her one of these cool soda can robug kits that can transfrom any soda can into a soda can “robug”.

Explore the world of robotic science with the Soda Can Robug science kit from Green Science. Kids age 8 and up can recycle a soda can and turn it into a working robotic bug. Kids will be delighted to see

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Gyro Swing for Perfect On-Plane Swings?

Now, as an expert golfer with 20+ years of playing and professional golf, I can tell you most golf gadgets don’t work well and most of the time, your golf swing can be fixed without them.

But here’s a really innovative gyro swing that uses a gyroscope (basically) to keep your swing on-plane.

Of course, I have not tried this one so I won’t go further into it but it might work…

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DIY – Ducati Chain install


Here’s a cool DIY on how to replace the chain on a Ducati. Although I have a Suzuki GXR600, this might be helpful in the future…

Here’s a cool howto vid for ducati owners. This garage is putting out vids on how to do things like replace and lube your motorcycle chains. It’s cool for these mechanics to share their knowledge. – Link

Adjust valves –

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