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Gravity Scale Measures Your Luggage!

Here’s a rather great idea for measuring your luggage, a gravity scale that works with elastic bands and whatnot.  This is just an idea for now but I think it has some good uses without actually having to carry around an expensive digital scale.  And probably cheap to make this too.

What’s even cooler about the Gravity Ruler is that it was created by Politecnico di Milano design students Marcella Maltese and Lin Wei. And while you might think it’s just a concept, apparently they created an initial batch of 35 units which sold out at the Travel Trading fair in Mila

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Arduino Hack – How to Connect Sensors to Pachube!

Do you want to learn how to connect sensors via Arduino to the free online monitoring site, Pachube?  This could be a great way to monitor any of your Aduino projects, even if you are on the other side of the globe.

I recently discovered Pachube and have just fell in love with it. This is a video of my first Pachube project and what I’ve been able to do. I connected two light sensors to an Arduino. One sensor measure light levels in my room, the other measures light levels outside. The Arduino is connected to a computer running

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How to Lose Fat with the Manual Treadmill!

If you enjoy walking but don’t have time to in your super-busy life, you might be interested to know that you can get a manual treadmill that uses no electricity to work out at the comfort of your home.

The Stamina InMotion II Manual Treadmill is a good one btw.  At $142.11 on Amazon, this surely beats any motorized environmentally-harmful treadmills.

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RC Mobile Spy Ear!

Here’s a fun RC Mobile Spy Ear you can get your kids for Christmas.  This thing allows you to hear things up to 50 feet away or even through walls.

Use this spy-mobile to infiltrate rooms up to 50′ away and listen to secret conversations with ear bud. Just pull back the car and it takes off. Parts snap together to store or clip onto your belt. Requires two 9V batteries, not included. Measures 8.5″W x 2.5″H x 3.5″D.

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$21,000 Wheel Speakers!

Yes, this $21,000 wheel-like speakers will blow you off as I would never pay that much for speakers.

Unless they mass-produce this and bring the price down around $210 not $21K, it will remain in the hands of uber-rich snobs who rather throw away money on gadgets like this.

Designed by Ron Arad and Frances Pellisari for Austria’s Viteo, the Freewheeler produces high quality stereo sound indoors or out. The speaker measures in at about 22.8″ tall x 9.8″ wide, making it just about the same diameter as the tires on a Mazda MX-5 Miata (and

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ATM Bank Teaches your Kids How to Bank!

Check out this ATM Bank you can get for your kids.  It comes with an authentic ATM card so your kid can start saving and also take money out for buying candy.  Now, get one of these blackjack machines to make a whole kids’ casino.

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DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner!

Well, if you live in a cool area like San Francisco, you won’t need air conditioning all year round but if you do live in a hot area, you can bring some extra air conditioning with the DeLonghi portable air conditioner.  Now, air conditioning just got easier.

Of course, if it doesn’t get too hot, you do have the

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Looplaa Shade Lamp!

Here’s a funky Looplaa shade lamp, maybe it’s edible…

It does however, look a lot like spaghetti…

Rachael O’ Neill has a great portfolio and we recommend you visiting her website. One of our absolute favourite home products by her is the Looplaa Shade which looks almost delicate yet magical. The Looplaa™ Shade is created from thirty individually handcrafted 16 mm lengths of hook & loop fastener and measures 35cm diameter x 40cm length.

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iBoom – a Subwoofer for your iPod/iPhone…

iBoom should be here shortly for your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPods…

Featuring a 3″ subwoofer and a 1″ tweeter, our speakers provide an output power of 5Wx2 with a frequency response of 80Hz-20,000Hz. The iBoom Hifi can also charge your iPod, measures 300x190x240mm, and weighs 2Kg.

via akihabaranews

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Samsung Flash SSD – World’s Fastest Storage Device!

Samsung has just announced their new FlashSSD drives.

With a read speed of 200MB/s and write speed of 160MB/s, The 256GB SSD is supposedly 2.4 times faster than you regular ol’ hard drive.

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> Samsung Electronics announced today that it has developed its 2.5-inch, 256 GB multi-level cell(MLC) based SSD using a SATA II interface at the fifth annual Samsung Mobile Solution Forum held at the Westin Taipei Hotel.

With a sequential read speed of 200MB/s and sequential write speed of 160MB

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