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Recommended Measurements

Baking DIY – How to Make Traditional Baguettes by Hand!

I have to admit the best baguettes are the ones I tasted while visiting France, I am sure it won’t taste the same but here’s how to make traditional baguettes by hand.  I will have to try this real soon.

This instructable will walk you through making two loaves of baguette bread. Following the French tradition, measurements for flour and water are by weight. Because there can be a huge variance when using measuring cups, I’ve found this method the most successful.

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Mailbox DIY – How to Make a Modern Mailbox!

Here’s another great DIY showing you how to make your own modern mailbox for about $125.  If you are a good painter, you could add a tint of your favorite color and some clear coat to make it lokk even better.

WestOn Letters’ (link below) website provides my numbers at a budget price -I choose “deep ribbon” with spacers.  Cost about $85 for all 3.  I sketch out my vision of simplicity to be translated by my crafty counterpart into real measurements.  Wood, deck stain, gravel brought the grand total up to about $125.

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Wii Hack – How to Make a Wiimote Jogging Board!


If you are a Wii addict/hacker, you will want to check out this homebrewed hack on making your own Wiimote jogging board.  Of course, making things yourself always beats anything you can buy such as WiiFit.

I wondered about a way to get fitter, work out without having to go running outside (although that is very healthy). I didn’t think the Wii balance board would do the trick, as the Wii games where reported not to be very intense, and the board itself is to hard for running on it. So what

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DIY – How to Build a Birdhouse!


Do you have a lot of pretty little birds in your yard?  Then, you might want to consider building your birds their own birdhouse to live in and breed.

So bring some modernism to your house, whatever its era, by creating a home for your native avian population by building a mid-century birdhouse. I’ve included my measurements and process here, but feel free to model yours after architecture you love. And don’t worry if you don’t have a full collection of woodworking tools (I don&#

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Solar Powered Hyperbike!


Here’s a cool solar powered called, Hyperbike, that is very solar-efficient.

Hyperbike was presented in Vienna at the Forschungsforum chaired by the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology. The following video features the show bike, where the solar panel charges the supercaps. Measurements have validated that 8 supercaps (EDLC) with only 176 grams are sufficient to accelerate from still stand.

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DIY Ford Bronco PC – I bet OJ Simpson wanted one

You know I ran into this post today, it’s a Ford Bronco PC. Well, the first thing it reminded me was OJ Simpson. Weird what the media could do to your mind. I try to stay off TV and any real news these days for that reason. Maybe one day I will buy my own island and live there with a dog and a cool boat.

Anyways, check out the Ford Bronco PC, all custom built from scratch, lovin’ the pics.

I started with the idea of an mp3 player for my

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Huge Rubiks Cube Subwoofer

Wow, check out this cool Rubiks cube Subwoofer!  I wish I had one…  It seems like this guy has all the plans and everything so next time you need to hide your new sound system from your lover or somethin’…there’s ya go.

If you are wanting to add some bass to your home theater why build a Huge Rubik’s Cube Subwoofer! It isn’t as big as this

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