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Mac Hack – How to Make a Big Mac!


One of my favorite burgers is McDonald’s Big Mac (aside from In-N-Out). I know it’s never going to taste exactly the same (with the taste of artificial add-ons and whatnot), but Todd Wilbur, author of Top Secret Recipes, shows you how to make a Big Mac at home.

I think you can easily make a big mac, it’s probably healthier than the real thing anyways.

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What is Inside McDonald’s Avatar Toy?

If you’ve ever wondered what’s inside the McDonald’s Avatar Toy, you might want to see that there’s a lot of small goodies like blue LEDs and plus, your kids might drain the batteries.  This could be a great way to replace the battery.

The solid clear plastic piece is made of acrylic. It is shaped to distribute the blue LED light more evenly. This is called a “light pipe”, which is used to provide designer-styling in a wide range of electrical devices. This is a really

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Free WiFi coming to McDonald’s!

One of my favorite places to blog and work is McDonald’s because I can get a cheap large, regular ice coffee for about 2 bucks.  Not only is coffee cheaper than Starbucks, McDonald’s actually has “tables” where I can sit and work without fighting other caffeine addicts.

Starting mid-January, McDonald will be offering free WiFi.

The free Wi-Fi will reportedly be available at about 11,000 of 14,000 U.S. locations. McDonald’s has used Wi-Fi provided by AT&T Inc. for several years, after first launching the service at 75 locations in San Francisc

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DIY Phone Dial Web Browser!

This has to be the most wackiest DIY ever, a phone dial that let’s you browser the web via IP addresses.

Well, technically, you won’t be able to surf the web with this phone dial unless you can remember IP addresses of every website you visit but still is a cool project.

Let’s just say this DIY is more of an artwork than it is a practical thing to make.

Our relationship with technology is quickly becoming analogous to our relationship with fast food. Like the fast food restaurant c

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McDonalds Burgers have enough preservatives to last 12+ years!

Here’s a fun fact for today.  The McDonald burger shown on the picture (left) is actually 12 years old while the one on the right is fresh.

There’s been no preservatives added to the burger, which tells me that McDonald’s packs enough preservatives to make you go bald and other nasty things.

Well, that might be true…  I will have to keep one of my burgers next time I goto Mickey D’s.

The burger on the right, off the paper is a 2008 burger.  I had to buy it to get the groovy paper and bag.

The me

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DIY – How to be a moron and learn to not be rich by going to this site

Here’s a fun site you can go and leave some nasty comments about how stupid the site is. Their motto is, “I can’t get rich, neither can you.” This guy probably works at McDonalds. (Well, he probably got fired from there before making this blog…lol…)

We know, we are evil and we like to make fun of other sites but that’s what makes us different from everyone else.

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