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Mercedes-Benz S400 BlueHYBRID gets 29MPG!

Mercedes unveils their new S400 BlueHybrid, which sports a V6 engine and supposedly would get 29MPG.

It’s not a great feat for a hybrid car, I think they have to at least get somewhere around 35MPG otherwise it’s not worth going “hybrid” here.

The V6 produces 279 horsepower and can be aided by the electric motor during acceleration with an additional 20 horsepower and 88 lb-ft of torque, giving the drivetrain a combined torque output of 285 lb-ft and what MB calls an electric “boost” effect. Like most hybr

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Chainsaw Bike – A Motorcycle with 24 Chainsaw engines!


Wow, check out this funky motorcycle with 24 Chainsaw engines.  Although this thing is not fuel-efficient nor powerful, it would be an honor for anyone to drive the god-lovin’ thing while the sounds of 24 chainsaws scare off any by-standers.

The combined power of 24 DOLMAR chainsaw engines is fed into to a 5-speed Harley-Davidson transmission by a series of twelve toothed belts. The engine in question is the one used in the PS-7900 professional chainsaw, which currently boasts the best power

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