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Max Chillin’ in Santa Barbara!

For those of you who have been following me, Max, extensively throughout my blogging career, I have a sad news to tell you.  I will be very busy this week.

Well, most of you probably won’t mind but I am actually attending the CJ University Event this week, which is in Santa Barbara.

Just in case I get kidnapped or killed by some baaaad people, you can track my last hour’s status on Twitter @TrackMyPalmPre.

LMAO, j/k, I don’t think too many people are that bad over

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DIY – HOWTO Convert your Doc files to PDF for free using GoogleDocs

With all the craze with Google whatever, here’s another useful Google tool you can use if you haven’t yet.

Try out the GoogleDocs where you can convert almost anything to and from anything including your Word document to PDF.

Google will probably take over Microsoft one day in this arena. I am rooting for Google even though they are getting so big, at least they convert past technology into the Web.

In the near future, you will be able to have a comp

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Maker Faire 2007 Zedomax USB Portal Preview


Here’s a preview of our USB Portal Project we will be showcasing at Maker Faire 2007.

It’s basically a BASIC programmable USB device so you can connect embedded devices easily to your PC whether that be a video game, industrial application, or whatever that you can think of.

Check out our previous

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We just got our Make MP3 Player!

Yey, we just got our Make MP3 Player. We can’t wait to hack it. Garrett’s already stole it from me and soldering up half of the pieces together, I will probably get my hands on it later today. Thanks Phillip for the kit!,

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Garrett’s DIY – Upcoming Boe-Bot Hacks – Remote Controlled Insect

Here’s a video of upcoming boe-bot hacks from Garrett using a Parallax Boe-Bot platform and CUBLOC CB220.as brain. This little creature has couple of cool looking features such as a tail, antennas, and eyes that can be remote-controlled via a regular TV remote-control. HOWTO will follow soon. In the meanwhile, you will just have to enjoy Jack

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