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Boat DIY – How to Make a Boat With an Old Mattress (or Box Springs)!

For those of you who live in areas where flooding or even tsunami is quite possible, you might want to learn how to make a boat with an old mattress so you will always have something to float on when disaster strikes.  I think this should really be titled, “box springs” as mattresses actually don’t come with wood in it.   Of course, if you bought one of these high-tech box springs, you probably wouldn’t be able to make this boat.

Boy, these are the ideas that set geniuses from regular ol’

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Platform Bed DIY – How to Make a Platform Bed!

Well, it seems that a lot of home DIYers are into making a platform bed for themselves.  We’ve featured bunch of articles on how to make a platform bed but today, let me bring them all together in one blog post plus I’ve found couple more resources.

1) Perhaps, this is the “best” DIY platform bed I’ve seen.   It features an extra long and wide outline and a nice headboard to finish it off.  You can read the DIY details h

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Consumer DIY – How to Save Money on Everything You Buy Using Online Coupons!

Well, I’ve noticed myself using more and more online coupons to buy practically everything from mattresses, computers, laptops, and etc…etc…

Anyways, today, I will tell you how to save money on everything you buy using online coupons.  For those of you doing this already, you are an expert.  But for those who don’t know, this could help you save money and send 1% back to me.  (j/k can you take a joke?)

So here’s my mind process whenever BEFORE I buy ANYTHING:

1. Search on Google, “Product Coupon”.  For example, if you were b

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Consumer DIY – How to Buy a Mattress!

One of the secrets to good night sleep is buying a good mattress that is good for your back too.

Well, I have been using this Keetsa Pillow Soft mattress (Cal King Size) for about a year or so and I have to say it’s the best bang for your dollar as far as mattresses go.

The best part about my Keetsa mattress is the fact that it’s REALLY comfortable, apart from all the greeness.

Even though I am pretty eco-conscious, when I buy something s

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Cabbage Chair Looks Like a Cabbage!

The Cabbage Chair is like peeling onions.  Well, so long as you don’t have onion smell this chair does look pretty functional and what if they made Cabbage Lounge Sofas?  That’d be way too cool.

Above is a series of snapshots of how the Cabbage Chair becomes a chair after being shipped to a customer.  From the point of view of an ecoist, the Cabbage Chair does reduce carbon footprint by being able to ship itself in the smallest shape possible.  This reminds me of

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! – Brooklyn Brewery is the ‘real’ Green Beer!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Make sure to get that Easter egg and your Irish lunch and dinner.

On a green note, Brooklyn Brewery claims to be the ‘real’ Green Beer with its brewing facility souped up with wind-generated electricity:

Brooklyn Brewery, located on Brewer’s Row in Brooklyn, New York, is one of a handful of breweries around the country that uses sustainable energy when producing its beer.

Its choice of meth

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Our new blogging building


We rented out this 6,200 square feet warehouse/retail space on 9th Street, San Francisco. Eventually, we will have bunch of bloggers, hackers, and beds everywhere. Here’s a video preview of our new company, Bedzine Inc. We are planning to sell mattresses for revenue and blogs as our main thang. Leave any thoughts!

Just been real busy making those tables in the video but we should be on full force by next month when we have actually sold enough mattresses and hire more people to do some fun stuff.

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Sustainable Skyscrapers

Erin joins our new Blog network site, Keetsa! Blog, which is a new blog about eco-friendly and green. Well, here’s a cool post she wrote about the sustainable skyscrapers, similar to previous post on the Rotating Towers to be built in Dubai. On the side note, can you believe it? I went from hacking gadgets

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World Energy Movement – Do not buy Gas on May 15th and lower gas prices!!!

I’ve been getting several of these messages today, so I figured I might pass it on. Maybe we can make history and make May 15th the day to not buy gas and also use less gas.

DO NOT BUY GAS on the May 15th and let’s see what happens.

Let’s make it a world affair really and make it big!

On the side note, we have a new blog called, Keetsa! Check it out, it’s about eco-friendly and green! We are actually selling some mattresses but before we open our e-store, I fi

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