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iPhone Hack – How to Make an iPhone-Controlled Laser Matrix Projector!

Here’s a really cool laser matrix projector project that can be controlled via an iPhone!

The idea is to add some kind of projector capability to mobile phone (e.g. iPhone) that isn’t too complex or expensive.  Instead of using an expensive mini projector, I decided to use lasers instead to any bitmap font using a matrix of laser points, which is controlled by iPhone.

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DIY – How to Make an LED Matrix Dice!

For all you gambling-addicts, you might be surprised to learn that there is a way to simulate crap dice on an LED matrix, here’s a cool DIY project for that.

    Fact: I am a new D&D player. Problem: Having to roll many kinds of dice, which get lost and end up it other player’s hands. Solution: Build an n-sided dice. Method: Take two 5×7 led displays, connect them to an ATmega168, toss in a Freescale’s 3-axis MMA7260QT accelerometer and program some code.

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DIY – HOWTO Create “Matrix” Wallpaper in Photoshop


Cool matrix howto for your adobe photoshop!


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