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Go Tiger at the Masters!

I dunno why but I have always been excited to watch Tiger come back from 7 or 8 strokes back, today is such a day, I hope he shoots like 6 or 7 under although he hasn’t really playing lights out.

Anyways, I am off to watch the Masters all day, sorry for no tech posts today.  Every year, I tend to get lazy near Masters but I am still online, you can join in “live” twittering conversation at my golf twitter @progolferdigest.

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Watch(Tweet) Masters Live on Twitter!

As you know, today (and this weekend) I will be blogging less due to the fact that it’s Masters weekend.  If you are a super-duper golf fanatic like me, you should join me on my @ProGolferDigest Twitter for live commenting, retweeting, and more.

Yup, it pays to earn a living blogging so I can concentrate on golf this week!

Oh yeah, you can watch Master Live too here.

My favorites this week: Greg Norman, Tiger Woods, Fred Coupl

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Watch “Live” Masters Golf Tournament this weekend on the web!

Hey, now you can watch Master live on your TV. Since I am always busy blogging even on weekends, this allows me to flip back and forth between blogging and the Masters. Even better is if you have dual monitor setup.

I used to record every Masters couple years back, actually I did record every Masters from around ’95 to ’03 or so…

Cheers everybody, you should be watching golf on TV today even if you are not a raving golf fan like i am.

Go watch the Masters “Liv

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Wha, wha, what about Google Pagerank Patent?

I was reading up on some new books over the weekend and came up googling some Google Pagerank Patent stuff.

There’s some interesting stuff including the Google Pagerank Algorithm on Wikipedia. Check out the Method for scoring documents in a linked database by

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