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T-Shirt DIY – How to Tie Dye a Shirt!

I remember back in elementary school when all the kids used to go crazy about tie dye T-shirts.  Well, here’s how to make one yourself for those of you curious folks:

Take an old white shirt suffering from the “dingies” and turn it into a rainbow masterpiece! I’ll show you how.

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DIY Coffee Tables made from old Car Hoods!

It seems like designers are getting more involved in the “green movement” with masterpiece DIY Coffee Tables like this, which are made from old Car Hoods.

Our advice, “re-use, re-make” and you can still come up with magnificent designs.

Using hoods from vintage American cars, Joel Hester handcrafts coffee tables in his Dallas, TX studio. Taking advantage of the bright colors of yesteryear and the

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Porsche 928 with Jet Engine!

Porsche 928s are one of my favorite classic Porsches if it’s not “the” favorite. I’d trade a brand new Porsche for a brand new 928 any day.


Well, Porsche 928s are the only “rear-wheeled” porsches and comes with a big fat V8 engine unlike the other twin-turbo Porsches.

Aside from the rear drive power, I do like the fact that these Porsches have a unique look unlike all the other Porsches.

Well, the point of this post isn’t about the on-going love for Porsches in general but this Po

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