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Samsonite Travel Luggage Ad [Genius or Stupid?]

Here’s the latest ad for Samsonite’s Cosmolite, showing how light the travel luggage is while being able to be used as a hockey stick.

Genius or stupid marketing?

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Twitter DIY – How to Set Up Your Twitter Social Media Marketing!

Recently, I have been twittering a LOT (spending like 10 hours a day), and learned couple tricks that can help you set up your Twitter social media marketing.

I am no social media “guru” like some people on Twitter represent themselves but I think I know whole lot more than most of these social media experts as “social media” used to be once called “social networks”.

I remember when people started using the term “social media” when Twitter came to the masses about a year ago, kinda offended that anyone could become a “socia

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Montblanc’s Gandhi Pen Sells for $23,000!

Today’s subject, “Montblanc’s Gandhi Pen”.  Oh Gawd, they are using one of history’s honorable figures as part of their marketing scheme, a pen that sells for $23,000.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Montblanc pens too but not for this pen, it’s simply *disgusting* marketing ploy as far as I can tell.

You know what I think, I think Gandhi would be very very proud. (*sarcastic*)

Listen to

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Web Programming Hack – How to Redirect based on Domain Name Referrer or IP address!

My friend Josh over at Unconventional Marketing just pinged me via GoogleTalk on how to redirect your web site visitors based on IP address.   Well, I figure this might be great information for others as well so I found a solution.

This method will work well because you can redirect single web pages using PHP instead of using .htaccess.  I think php files are a lot more versatile and useful anyways.

Redirect based on domain:

<? $ref

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Microsoft Devising Evil Plans to Take Over the Retail World!

Microsoft announced that they will be planning new retail stores to outwit Apple.

Wow… I truly think this won’t help their products since most PCs are already monopolized by Microsoft but then, if they want to waste more money on marketing, especially when retail is doing bad, by all means go ahead.  They truly must have billions of dollars to throw down the toilet. :p

Mr. Porter, who is set to start work on Tuesday, is charged with improving the PC-buying experience. The company said

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Blogging HOWTO – Blogging Secrets Revealed!

Well, today I’ve gotten a little more creative and finally juiced out some good secrets for any of you blogger newbies out there who want to learn the secrets of blogging, mainly bringing more web search traffic to your blog.

Anyways, check it out over at my marketing blog here.

Here’s an excerpt:

A lot of people ask me, “How do you bring in 1 million visitors to your sites per month?”

My simple and honest answer, “I blog.”

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Zedomax Celebrates Thanksgiving!

Yey, I am up early today and today’s thanksgiving, time to celebrate and be thankful for everything that has happened including just the fact that you are alive.

I want to shout out to our current blogger Andrew, who has been helping me out while I am converting all the blogs in the network to “blog search engine”.  Well, I will also have updated version of the Zedomax Search Engine WordPress Theme available free of charge.  (The current version has some bugs and I need to fix some CSS for IE6)

I am also planning

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Ad Hack – Barack Obama Ads show up in an Xbox360 Game!

It’s funny but I really think this Obama’s campaign managers are a LOT smarter than McCain’s people.  It’s probably due to the fact that Obama’s employees are “younger” (although I can’t prove it), or at least he must have hired smart Web 2.0 guys who play a lot of Xbox360.  Add to the fact that Obama’s website gets more web traffic than McCain here.

Anyways, it looks like Obama’s team did some good

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Apple should be Sued for Deceptive iPhone 3G Advertising!


As much as I can appreciate the Safari mobile browser on the iPhone, I still hate the fact that Apple refuses to make “real” ads without trying to cover up the slowness of the iPhone.

Well, as I told you about how iPhone is the biggest marketing scam ever, it seems like people are slowly starting to realize what I&

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Das Keyboard – An Empty Keyboard that let’s you learn to become great at Touch Typing!

Here’s an innovative way to market your keyboard.  Save money by not printing the characters and market them by telling people this empty keyboard will help you become a Touch Typist.

Lol…regardless, it’s a great product.

Their marketing statement:

Whether learning to touch-type or already a touch typist, within a few weeks, you will memorize the character locations and you will be touch-typing like a pro

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