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Cool LED men gets blown up by the stupid government


Boston is going crazy over our cool LED man. Well I meant “our” as in the technology community.

They’ve “identified” it as a bomb threat and started blowing up these as they find them.

Check out this hilarious video, here.

More cool funny stuff.

Check out the

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Corian Digital Roulette Table

Check out this cool digital roulette table. It looks like all the casinos will have to go digital in the next few years.  Also check out these digital roulette kits for your kids.

Now this is what I call, sweet! We’ve seen our fair share of futuristic interactive tables (here,

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Find which Superhero you’d be

Here the site that finds out what superhero you’d be after answering couple questions!

via wagthis

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Electromagnetic Pistol using PIC!

Wow, check this gun out that William submitted. Thanks William! Check out the photos and how it works.  Nice big ass capacitors, wow!

    Two coils are precisely pulsed in sequence (350 Amp peak) to fire a steel projectile Two infrared sensors detect the projectile position within the firing tube Controlled by a PIC microcontroller Powered by 8 AA NiCd battery pack Built-in battery charger Bar display tracks capacitor bank cha

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DJ’s miniture mixer, disc scratcher

Well, here’s a mixer, a mini version of disc scratcher for all you you DJs out there. I used to play with my friend’s real mixer since he was a DJ and there are some software versions out there but this would be rad to hook up to my mp3 or ipod if you have one.

If it’s audio related, and can in any way, sh

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GPOD – the real GPOD

Update from earlier gpod article. We have been getting a lot of good traffic due to the gpod by the way, thanks gpod!

Well, I guess Apple still won’t be happy… Well, we just got a reply from one of the developers of Gpod and he wants me to try one. Hmmm… the

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Google Picasa Review – it’s FREE!

Today, Garrett suggested to me how cool this Google Picasa is so I had to install it on my computer and find out.  It happens that Picasa does a good job at a lot of things such as organizing all your pictures on your PC, kinda like a google engine on your PC just for your images…

This is great, now zedomax can have cool collages in seconds instead of spending hours on Photoshop. Anyways, this

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DIY Video- Homemade Rollercoaster!

[gv data=”Q41ZUQng4p8″][/gv]

Wow, that is great! I wonder if he can start selling some kits…

via Make

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RC Hydrofoam

[gv data=”cS1-f7tm-6w”][/gv]

RC Hydrofoam that can go over water, concrete, dirt, and also kinda fly~

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DIY Hack – Battery Charging using relays

Kinda cool hack for charging batteries in sequence…

I’m getting pretty interested in building an electric motorcycle, and I ran across this little hack to charge multiple batteries with one charger. It uses a 4020 counter that’s pulsed by my dear friend the 555 to activate a series of relay pairs to switch a single charger sequentially between battery cells. A more advanced version could use a microcontroller to monitor the state of each cell to ensure even charging. If you’re t

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