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If you use Linux, you know Xeyes is a simple program that follows your mouse movements. You can check out some web examples of Xeyes. You can even paste this javascript code on your website for Xeyes on the web.

Anyway, Hunz created physical Xeyes that stands on his w

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Electric Giraff, Submarine maker, and more at Maker Faire!

Check out some of the cool stuff and people that are going to be at the Maker Faire! (Including us but we have no idea what to bring…yet)

We will get to play with an electric giraff (hopefully) and meet with submarine maker Mike Wernecke.

You can get some

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Paper Airplane Contest


Cool, Bre’s making some cool paper airplane contest… We will have to make some too…

These paper airplanes are for the person who wants to break out of their dart habit. There are millions of cool designs out there, but these two are easy and will impress your family and friends… unless they are hardcore paper sculptors. Download the pdf and follow the directions and you’ve got the designs

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The Top 5 Engineering Magazines

Here’s a good list of magazines that should help you get a feel for the engineering industry including application, products, and just for the hell of it. (It’s also the ones we subscribe to regularly…)

(Click on the magazine to go to their homepage)

Make has bunch of cool projects including the DIY coffee roaster among other cool stuff… They have a

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DIY – Beginning with the Basic Stamp



Check out Bre’s new video on Basic Stamp howto with Joe Grand. He’s also got some pdfs with instructions.

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DIY HACK – Homemade Balancing Skateboard!


Wow, check out this awesome homemade balancing skateboard. As a skateboarder myself, this is way too cool…

It’s very similar to a snowboard to ride, requiring no user input other than the movement of your body mass. Leaning forwards and backwards controls the velocity and moving your weight from heal to toe controls the turn radius. It’s easy and very intuitive to ride.


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Octopart is a search engine for electronic parts

Check out this octopart search engine for electronic parts. It seems to searching mouser, digikey, and other major electronic part companies for stuff. The creator dropped out of school to make this so everyone please take a look! P.S. I couldn’t find any Make controllers, Cublocs, or any controllers that are not being sold through the major suppliers… (maybe they can add them…)


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Huge Bicycle made with 100 Bicycle Bells!

Check out this cool huge bicycle that’d be good for some street advertisement of zedomax.com (not…actually we’ve been thinking of making some free T-shirts to give out to beggars around San Francisco downtown area so we can help some people while getting some advertisement…well…)

Didi Senft, also known as the Tour de France devil or El Diablo, is a renowned German inventor who has created over 100 bicycles including the larges

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DIY HACK – How to send a balloon to space



Make’s going to try to send a balloon to space! This is a great idea for anyone who’s trying to get something out on the outer space without using a big industrial rocket. Get PDF Here.

We’re using weather balloons to go up to approximately 100k feet armed with 4 cameras… 20 megapixels of camera! We’ll be taking shots every 7 seconds for two hours and measuring the temperature with the Make: controller and therm

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DIY – How to Build a Savonius Wind Turbine or VAWT to make electricity

Ooooohhhh, check this out if you are into making alternative energy.

This is my project to make a semi compact wind turbine that can handle turbulant wind and generate enough power to charge deep cycle batteries. I will cover the rotor construction in the instructable. You will need to download my PDF for the whole project.


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