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Make Faire 2007 – Lawnmower Bike!


Wow, this is an awesome lawnmower bike! You could probably build these one yourself and make your next lawnmowing easier!

You can check out more pictures from our flickr Maker Faire Day 1 and Maker Faire Day 2.


Maker Faire 2007 – Cool robot from High School Students!


Check out this cool robot from high school students. Although we didn’t have enough time to chat with them, this is cool!


Maker Faire 2007 – Make Controller Peripherals


Here’s a cool review of Make Controller and peripherals from MakingThings.com. Thanks Ann for the video!


Homebrew CPU


Wow, this was the coolest thing there, a homebrew CPU LIVE! Anyways, I got to meet Bill, maker of the homebrew CPU and take lots of cool pics and see it in action.

Thanks Bill for explaning all the cool stuff on your homebrew CPU!  Just check out the video for some explanation.


You can check out more pictures from our flickr

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Zedomax Maker Faire 2007 Coverage – Electric Motorcycles

I love motorcycles in general since I own a Gixer but WOW; I was amazed at these really cool electric motorcycles at the Maker Faire. These things have like 30 batteries hooked up to it!

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Zedomax Maker Faire Showcase – USB HID Portal


Here’s video from yesterday before it got crowded. Today, it’s pretty crowded as you can tell on the live webcam.


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Live Blogging Maker Faire – Balancing Bot spotted!

Live Blogging Maker Faire - Balancing Bot spotted!


Wow, there’s so much cool stuff here at Maker Faire such as this cool balancing bot. It’s so big and there’s so much stuff, I don’t think you can see everything in one day. Phew…

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Live Blogging – Zedomax Booth at Maker Faire

Hey we are live at the Maker Faire, blogging live! See our automated camera that follows people? Well, it’s a $160 Logitech camera we got in a hurry at Best Buy last night just before the store closed. Glad we got it working although the internet here sucks sometimes. Anyway, our booth is really popular! 🙂

Garrett is doing a great job with the crowd while I am hiding in the back. (Why am I hiding? Blogging of course!)

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Maker Faire Live Webcam Video

Hi there, we are at the Maker Faire! I got hands on one of automatic webcams that follow people. Check it out! It took me awhile to hook up some internet. For some reason, I couldn’t hook up to the free internet here. BUT I got my Sprint Samsung IP-830W to work as a cellular modem. Hopefully, the live videos stream good on it. (My phone is a life-saver! 🙂 )

Update: We

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Wind Power from Highways

Here’s a great concept for re-using the wind generated from cars racing on the highways. Great idea! Save earth and peace!

Average vehicle speeds on the valley highways are approximately 70 mph. Using average annual wind speeds of 10 mph as a baseline, each single wind turbine will produce 9,600KwH of energy, annually (enough to fully power my 700 s.f. apartment). This power production estimate will increase exp

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