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Halloween DIY – How to Create Realistic Burns using Makeup!

For those of you looking for different ways to create realistic burns for this halloween, check out this instructable that shows you how.  It looks so realistic, gross!

Although an extensive burn makeup can be achieved with prosthetics, there is a great deal which can be done with directly applied effects materials and colour, removing the need to sculpt and make moulds.

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Makeup DIY – How to Contour and Highlight Your Face!


Well, my girlfriend bookmarked this one on YouTube so it might help you ladies learn the basics of how to contour and highlight your face.

Basic makeup demo to sculpting and shaping your face 🙂 its alot simpler than you think.

All you need is a good makeup contour brush, a darker shade (perhaps your bronzer) and a highlighting colour. The effects can be as natural and subtle or as sexy and cleopatra as you like 😉

Basic methods to: Sculpting for defined cheekbones Defining of the nose Narrowing forehead

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Recycled Computer Parts Jewelry!

Have a geeky girlfriend who enjoys more time tinkering with the solder and circuits than makeup?  Well, even if your gf d

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Makeup DIY – How to make Zombie Makeup!

Sometimes, you just need more zombies. Check out how to make your friends look like zombies with just a little toilet paper and some makeup.

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