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DIY Credit Card Reader Mozart Music Maker!

Steve Chamberlin has created an awesome DIY credit card reader that plays mozart music when you swipe any kind of credit card. He reverse engineered the Z-80 computer inside the credit card reader and let it play some mozart music based on Melisma Stochastic Melody Generator. This is a pretty nifty idea I think, perhaps has a lot more uses to it than just playing music, could be applied to membership cards, pe

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DIY Corn Maze Maker!

Here’s some interesting news on all those cool corn mazes/designs you see on Google Earth.  It’s actually not human-made per say but DIY inventions are used.

A maze starts as nothing more than a large field of corn. The design is created using a computer, then translated into GPS coordinates by fitting it into a field whose outline coordinates were previously captured on foot. Once the field coordinates are reconciled with the map design the data is used in one of two ways; the routes can be made by tilling

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Braille Label Maker!

I have to admit, San Francisco’s LightHouse, an informational station for the blind on Van Ness has always me thinking about brailles.  You probably know what I am talking about if you work in SF or you are a resident.

Anyways, the subject matter is a new design for braille label maker from a South Korean designer, way too cool, check out the pics.

Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

I would really like to see these at my local RiteAid drug

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DIY Open Source Multi-Touch Display

Now, you can build your own open source multi-touch display.  I guess it was at Maker Faire but somehow I missed it…

Researchers at Eyebeam, an engineering and design firm, sell kits that let people build their own multitouch tables. In this picture, the Cubit frame is completely disassembled. To make the display functional, users must add an inexpensive video camera and a projector, among other pieces of

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How to use a multimeter!



Here’s a cool howto on using a multimeter. This could be very useful if you are a hacker, inventor, gadgeteer, maker, or ninja among other super human beings… It could be helpful to know the next time your wife asks you how many volts is running through the power line that your dog or cat stripped…

Check out the pdf

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