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GIANT Tesla Coils at Maker Faire!


Probably the best part about Maker Faire was Arc Attack’s GIANT tesla coils. I didn’t have chance to film the whole thing but above is just a bit of what happened in 1080P HD.

There’s actually a guy in the middle if you look carefully inside some kind of “safe” box, I guess it’s pretty safe to be in there other than the high voltage just screaming about everywhere else.

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Cool DIY Bikes at Maker Faire!

As always, they had a bunch of bikes at Maker Faire this year.  My favorites are these two GIANT DIY bikes, they look like they can haul a**.   I would have loved to have ridden them, too bad they were too big.

Also see video of the bike here to see what it really looks like in real life:


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Maker Faire This Weekend!

For those of you who live in Northern California, don’t forget the biggest Maker event is happenin’ right here in San Mateo Fairgrounds this Saturday and Sunday.

Maker Faire is a great event to bring your whole family to enjoy all the cool stuff they’ve got.

For those who can’t make it don’t worry, I will make sure to take a bunch of photos and 1080P YouTube videos for you to enjoy on Sunday.

You can also check out stuff I covered

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Best of Maker Faire by Phillip Torrone!



Here’s some videos you can enjoy from the Maker Faire last week!

Check out all the fun and excitement at this year’s Maker Faire in San Mateo, California. People from all over the world came to experience this amazing event. Take a look at some of the highlights and make plans to attend the next Maker Faire.

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Maker Faire 2008!

Wow, Maker Faire was a lot bigger this year over at San Mateo Fairgrounds near where I used to work.

Anyways, it was a lot of fun watching some cool gizmos, DIYs, and makers but it’s really crowded this year.

Wow, this is great structure of woman!

Phew, there’s a lot of stuff. You ca

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Maker Faire in Texas

Check out some of the cool photos from Maker Faire Austin, Texas.

It doesn’t seem as fun as Maker Faire held in San Mateo couple months ago but this finger painting LCD is kinda cool, isn’t it?

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Get 35% more MPG on your car with this little device.


Basically this little device produces HHO and feeds it into your fuel line in your car. The HHO is produced by distilled water and baking soda. The only drawback is that you much keep adding the distilled water and baking soda once a week.

This is a very good idea. I’ve heard of water injection systems but this one actually injects HHO.

Looks pretty cool to me, has anyone tried it

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3D Metal and Sugar Sculptures by Bathsheba Grossman


Blip video Link

Bathsheba Grossman explains to us the 3D sculptures, sugar sculptures, and the sculptures made with lasers at the Maker Faire!

These are priceless…


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Cheryl Downing on Low cost marketing for Inventors and Makers

Are you an inventor? Need some marketing help?

Cheryl Downing stopped by our booth and explained to us a little about Low cost marketing for inventors and makers.

Thank you Cheryl! 🙂


Check out her website and Inventors Alliance for more information.

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Maker Faire 2007 – Automatic Drum Piano!


Wow, this drum piano is the coolest thing ever. Although you do miss the physical part of actually drummin’ on your equipment, this is a nifty device for those of you good with the piano but not with the drums. It looks like there are hydraulic actuators on it to control all the drum sticks. Anyways, this is cool…

On the site note, I have been slacking on posts lately. We had to move a lot of stuff out of our site which was slowing our site down. We will have them up and running again since we will b

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