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LED DIY – How to Make a Blinky LED Clock!

Wanna make couple of these blinky LED clocks for your home and leave your guests wondering what time of the day it is?

Well, these DIY blinky LED clocks solve that problem, the user will have to count how many red, green, and blue blinks there are to tell time.  (still easier than telling time with TokyoFlash LED watches)

Hey, it’s an art, not to really the most efficient way to tell time but it might help you sleep counting the blinks at night.   1….2….3….Zzzzzzzzzz…


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Garage DIY – How to Make a DIY Overhead Storage Rack!

You’ve probably seen DIY overhead storages before and mostly they involve lots of carpentry plus takes up a lot of you garage’s precious ceiling space.

Well, there’s a much, much better solution to that.  Simply make “rack-like” posts that allow you to easily slide in standard size storage bins.  Brilliant.

Everyone should do this for their garage.

Best of all, when you don’t need to store anything in your garage, it comes back to normal.

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Android Hack – How to Make a Custom HTC Evo 4G Wiimote Gaming Controller!

Here’s a great way to enjoy games on your HTC Evo 4G, hook it up to a Wii Wheel!  Should be also easy to do on other Android smartphones such as the Droid X or Samsung Vibrant.

Short List of what my procedure was: 1. unscrew top screws 2. cut to fit Evo landscape 3. put plastic on for fitment before glue. 4. applied glue to plastic, then glued to the wheel. Waited to dry.

So I am always looking for ways to be crafty, and after CM6 was released, I needed a way to play my NBA Jam, NBA Hangtime, Megaman, etc. with a wiimote.

I was at the dollar store with my

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Physics DIY – How to Make a Macro Particle Accelerator!

Ever since I took Physics in college (let me just tell you high school Physics was boring) and learned about quantum mechanics where if you can travel at the speed of light you can go to the future (really), it has intrigued me how it can affect our everyday lives.

For those of you wannabe be world’s-top-physicists (and perhaps you will build the first time machine), here’s a cool macro particle accelerator, that works just like a particle accelerator that scientists use to send particles at almost speed of light except on a ping ball.


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WiFi Hack – How to Make a DIY WiFi Datalogger (Snooper!)

Here’s an interesting device that can log all the data off a wifi network.  Of course, you can probably use a PC to do the same thing but this one is portable and can act as a spy’s tool.  I bet FBI and CIA are already using something like this.

This could be a great way to track down if your wife’s cheating on you.  Of course, let’s not hope you are at that point ever.

This Instructable shows how to make a datalogger from an Arduino and datalogger shield connected to a TelosB wireless sensor board and a battery that is large, but not wheelba

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Credit Card Hack – How to Make a Credit Card Reader!

For those of you working on credit card systems, this could be helpful, learn how to make a credit card reader.  I think this could be nicely packaged to actually work well with online payment systems.

In order to get raw parsed data out of a magstripe reader, we first experiemented with a MAGTEK Centurion Keyboard Encoder (PN-21073062). We found that although we could get all 3 tracks of data, it was not possible to have it parsed out. We then purchased a raw magstripe decoder head with track 1 reading, the Omron V3A-6 (Datasheet here). By writing some parity checking code,

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LED DIY – How to Make a 24 by 6 LED Matrix Display!

For those of you “awed” by LED matrix displays, here’s a 24 by 6 matrix display you can make yourself. We can never get enough of these posts on our blog, check out the all-shiny and grateful 24×6 LED display in action below:


After making a 8X10 matrix a lot of people asked me about expanding the matrix to some thing bigger, and some wanted to write stuff to the matrix via a PC, so one day I looked at a pile of LEDs that I had leftover from a LED cube projected and I decided

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Dog DIY – How to Make a DIY Dog Agility A-Frame!

Want to train your doggy so he/she can become more agile, perhaps get ready for the next crazy dog show?

Here’s how you can make your own Dog Agility A-Frame yourself and let your dog reach his maximum potential.

With A-Frames ranging from $500 bucks to $1,000 or more I figured I would save some cash, have some fun, and build my dog an Agility A-Frame to practice on!

On the following pages, you’ll see that it’s actually quite easy to do, and yes, I am 100% confident it will hold my dog’s weight, then again, my dog weighs 16lbs… If a

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USB Hack – How to Make a USB Bike Generator!

Your bike has no cigarette adapter so you can get a USB charger and recharger your gadgets?

No problem, you can build yourself a USB bike generator that actually uses a USB charger hooked up to your bike so

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iPhone 4 DIY – How to Make an iPhone 4 DIY Steadicam! [Guest]

Video of how to build your own iPhone 4 DIY Steadicam:


Video of iPhone 4 DIY Steadicam in action:


Okay, so the iPhone 4 has a great camera, and the HD video is the best there is on a cell phone, but the problem is it’s still a cell phone. There’s no image stabilization, and it’s a small lightweight device that you are essentially holding by its lens. Every tiny movement of your hand is translat

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