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Weekend Fun DIY – How to Make Hover Shoes!

I don’t know if this is real or fake but it sure seems like a great idea except I don’t think those magnets used are powerful enough to hover anyone.  Maybe that’s why they don’t show the upper body of the person hovering???


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DIY – How to Make your Own One Dollar Money Clip!

Here’s a real simple and easy way to keep your bills tidy and handy using 2 magnets, duct tape, and a dollar bill.

Get it?

It’s a money clip made from a couple of magnets and a bill of currency. He calls each one a “limited design”, because all paper currency in any country is uniquely numbered and therefore by its nature a “limited edition”.

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Shape-Shifting Robot Re-Assembles Itself and Dis-Assembles…


Lol….this robot is funny… basically it re-assembles then dis-assembles. Very pointless robot that could be applied for a robot with an important task.

Composed of 15 modules arranged in groups of five, each of CKbot’s clusters have a module with a 20fps camera, a blinking LED, and a accelerometer to reconstruct the entire robot, tied by magnets. Each of the other 12 modules have an embedded computer, pro

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Cool magnetic jewelry!


Wow, here’s a cool magnetic jewelry! Thanks Kenji!

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DIY – Make your own self-powered mini-flashlight

Here’s a cool self-recharging mini-flashlight you can make yourself if you are still on vacation. Come to think of it, we are going to have to build self-powered POVs soon…

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