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Magnetic Screen Door!

Do you need an easier way to get in and out of your door to the backyard?  If so, you might want to check out this Magnetic Screen Door which automatically closes (via magnets) when you or your dog walks through it.

Instead of opening/closing your screen door (which I am sure your toddlers and pets have a hard time doing), you can install this simple magnetic screen door so you keep the bugs out but let your kids and pets freely walk in/out.

Magnetic Screen Door is available on Amazon starting at $34.97.

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Laptop Hack – How to Make Magnetic Laptop AC Power Adaptor!

You know the reason why we don’t have magnetic AC power adaptors for our laptops that never break?  Because someone patented it and only used it for their products.

But no worries there, you can learn to build your own unbreakable magnetic power adaptor by following directions here.

You will need: Tools: Pliers Wire cutters Scissors Flashlight Matchsticks (to apply epoxy) Materials: Neodymium Ring-Shaped

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Magnetic Floating Bed

Check out this $1.5 Million magnetic floating bed. I wonder if all the magnetic energies are good for your body…

A young Dutch architect has created a floating bed which hovers above the ground through magnetic force and comes with a price tag of 1.2 million euros ($1.54 million). Janjaap Ruijssenaars took inspiration for the bed — a sleek black platform, which took six years to develop and can double as a dining table or a plinth — from the mysterious monolith in Sta

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Cool magnetic jewelry!


Wow, here’s a cool magnetic jewelry! Thanks Kenji!

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Well my knowledge in the field of physics is limited so I won’t even try to give my explanation.  Please feel free to leave comments if you have any theories.  


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