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Garrett’s USB Mouse Prank Device


I was at work trying to draw some stuff and Garrett came over with his USB Hid Portal device and plugged it into my USB hub (which was annoying at first) then suddenly my mouse started making circles on its own! So we decided to call this the USB Mouse Prank Device… There’s really no howto on this but you can check out Garrett’s past USB projects such as:

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Scientists have figured out how to make you invisible!

Cool, scientists have figured out how to make you invisible!

Physicists figured out the complex mathematical equations for making objects invisible by bending light around them last year.

A group of engineers at Purdue University in Indiana have now used those calculations to design a relatively simple device that ought to be able to—one day soon—make objects as big as an airplane simply disappear.

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Electric Giraff, Submarine maker, and more at Maker Faire!

Check out some of the cool stuff and people that are going to be at the Maker Faire! (Including us but we have no idea what to bring…yet)

We will get to play with an electric giraff (hopefully) and meet with submarine maker Mike Wernecke.

You can get some

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Color Changing Showers!

Wow, check out these color changing shower heads! It seems pretty basic (probably just high intensity LEDs on top), regardless, we like the overall design and originality! I’d love to have one of these showers, it’d be really cool… (well, maybe we can hack one easy…)

Perfect for creating a dramatic accent color, or merely for it’s therapeutic effect the lighted shower head embraces contemporary style. Created by Signorini Design, the Ultra Slim show

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David Copperfield makes Statue of Liberty Disappear!


This is very old but cool!

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HACK – Window shade also acts as a solar powered Window Light!

Wow, check out this awesome window shade that also acts as a solar powered light!

This is a continuation of a project from Design for the 5 Senses that I worked on with Michael Jefferson and Jae In Lee. It’s a window shade that doubles as a light. One set of strings would be to control the level of sunlight by adjusting the height of the shade. The other set of strings controls the light level. I didn’t have time to add a solar

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DIY HACK – How to make your own Metal Detector!

I’ve noticed many people using metal detectors on the beach lately to find treasures or junk but here’s a great way to make one of those yourself!

BFO ( beat frequency oscillator ) metal detectors use two oscillators, each of which produces a radio frequency. One of these oscillators uses a coil of wire that we call the search loop. The second oscillator uses a much smaller coil of wire, and is usually inside the control box and is called the reference oscil

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New Samsung Display visible in direct sunlight

Wow, check out the new samsung display that is visible in direct sunlight!

This means the 2.1-inch panel will look sharp regardless of whether you’re in a dark room or out in direct sunlight. Samsung calls the new technology Automatic Brightness Adjustment. The QVGA display will also use 20&ndash30 percent less power than other screens its size. It’s expected to hit production the second half of this year.


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DIY HACK – Transforming a Webcam into an Infrared Cam


Wow, here’s a cool little hacks for transforming a plain old webcam into a infrared cam.

[via] funhouse

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Wii HACK – Wiinja – Nintendo Wii Mod chip?

Check out this cool Wii mod chip that allows you to play backup DVD games on the Wii! At $51, not too shabby for a hack mod.

Unlock your Nintendo Wii. The Wiinja Nintendo Wii Mod Chip is the worlds very first Mod Chip for the Nintendo Wii console. Allowing you to run all Nintendo Wii and Gamecube DVD-R / DVD+R backup and import backup games. Full Support for Gamecube Homebrew software. Play any Wii or GC backup just like you would play an original gam

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