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DIY Magic Golf Trick – HOWTO Catch A Golf Ball After You Hit It


Here’s some golf trick I have been working on for last 18 years of my life that I want to show you:

(Even Tiger hasn’t tried this shot on TV yet…)

Here’s a HOWTO on catching your golf ball AFTER you hit it.

1. Open the clubface so it’s pointing behind you about -10 degrees.

2. Really feel like you are sitting down.

3. Get wristy and loose with your hands.

4. Make a nice swing and catch the ball.

The key here i

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DIY HACK – Sparkfun playing around with Touch Tetris

I need one of these touch Tetris where you can actually move your whole arm to guide your boxes. (If I can only do this in the warehouse where everything fits, we’d save a lot of space…) (thinking of our warehouse pictures, i forgot to updated with ALL our Mattress-in-a-box(es)…visit our mattress store within 26 hours and you can save 20% OFF our re

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DIY HACK – How to make a portable Laser Projector!


Wow, this is somethin’ I’ve always wanted to make with the free laser Dragonlasers sent me a long time ago…

But here it is! Looks like he’s from the UK. 🙂

P.S. Remember we ARE giving out a FREE Dragon Laser to the top commentator this month.  So make sure to participate.  Looks like Brian is going to get it at this rate. 🙂

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Get 35% more MPG on your car with this little device.


Basically this little device produces HHO and feeds it into your fuel line in your car. The HHO is produced by distilled water and baking soda. The only drawback is that you much keep adding the distilled water and baking soda once a week.

This is a very good idea. I’ve heard of water injection systems but this one actually injects HHO.

Looks pretty cool to me, has

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3D Metal and Sugar Sculptures by Bathsheba Grossman


Blip video Link

Bathsheba Grossman explains to us the 3D sculptures, sugar sculptures, and the sculptures made with lasers at the Maker Faire!

These are priceless…


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Maker Faire 2007 – Multi-Touch Multimedia Device


Check out this cool Multi-Touch Multimedia device. This could be a cool combination of touch, sound, and video for future video game controls.

MultiTouch is the ability of an input controller to detect multiple fingers simultaneously. Multitouch input devices are just starting to be seen in the real world, rather than just in the movies (the most famous being “Minority Report”). MAKE magazine has even declared them the

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MAGICal – Wine Bottle Magic


Oh man, this is freakin’ smart.

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Billiard MAGIC – this guy IS good at pool


Wow, this guy IS good at pool.

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Cool Human built UFO!


Check out this cool human built UFO!

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Wii HACK – Wiimote Door Unlocker


Here’s a cool Wii HACK someone made that unlocks a door! It uses FreeBSD, some type of bluetooth device, and Wiimote to make it a complete system. I bet you can use less parts. Will someone hack one again soon?


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