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ZZZ-chest, Cabinet that turns into a mattress!

Check out this cabinet that turns into a mattress! Awesome little video on how you can save more space around your house or apartment.

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HOWTO: Pick a Common Master Lock With Your BART Card

Here’s a way to hack your master lock with a bart card via sf.metblogs!

Absurd and awesome at the same time! Yes, I do agree, that Blondie’s have the best pizza!

Finally, a use for those old BART cards with $.30 on them… handy for when you get wasted at

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VIDEO HOWTO – How wooden doors are made

Wow, here’s an awesome video on HOW to make wooden doors. Which reminds me, i just paid $450 for my new wooden door at my apartment, which I broke because I was too impatient and locked myself out… but otherwise, my life is great! 🙂

Lowes has some good articles on exterior wooden doors…

Yes, you can go kinda into these

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Video – College Students Invent AWESOME Parallel Parking Device

[gv data=”4rvUq0FWfBs”][/gv]

Wow, check this out! College students invent awesome parallel parking device. This is very useful for people living in big cities. I wouldn’t call San Francisco a very big city, but there are lots of parking problems and this is a great invention! via techeblog

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DIY – Use the golf POV for your next Ad, here’s a Nike Swoosh


Here’s a Nike Swoosh Garrett and I made using the Golf POV from last week. We also got some sideview footage for more swing analysis. It seems that the letters of Nike helps in seeing the backswing versus the downswing.

We know, that this would look a lot better with

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Programmable bumper stickers

Here’s some cool bumper stickers LCDs being worked on by VW.

the electrophoretic displays make use of a thin foil membrane that can be programmed to show messages and pictures that reflect a driver’s mood at any given time. At the moment, the application is specific to VW’s Chameleon concept car, but designers tell us they’re looking into other automotive applicat

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Zedomax DIY118 – HOWTO Make a Golf Club POV training aid!

Golf Club POV – version Ben Hogan


The other day, Garrett hit up on some basic POVs.

So we were thinking about how we could have a POV while making it useful. Well since people like to hit up the driving range or the golf course at times, we figured we could just make a POV out of a golf club. At the same time, we c

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Tricked out car…wow

[gv data=”pc-N1aDQm2A”][/gv]

Wow…this is the tightest car with gadgets such as rolling doors and hmm…. Didn’t know you could do that with the back door of a car… Maybe that will be my next DIY…

I wouldn’t spend the money customizing a car that way, partly because I am not really into cars, more of a motorcycle guy, but it is definitely a to-do if i had money spilling out of my pockets… via techeblog

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HOW Video – How Packaging is made by the industry

Here’s a cool video on how packaging is made by the industry today. This is great, I never knew it!

via techeblog

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MiniPOV 2 from Make

Here’s a POV kit for $17 you can get from make. I always wondered at these POVs, that they are really cool, but it wasn’t until Garrett showed me that it was pretty easy to make…It’s almost magical, I am starting to fall in loove with povs… well, we will try not to get too serious here though, I really need to start exercising more at C

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