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Amazon Kindle 2 Review – Buy Kindle on Amazon!

After months of deliberation, Amazon has finally launched their new Kindle 2.  There’s many features that are much better over the old Kindle such as thinner device, sunlight readability, better screen, a KEYBOARD!, built-in dictionary, and you can order every book right on the Kindle 2.


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DIY – How to Make Marble Magnets!


Here’s a cool DIY that shows you how to make marble magnets.  Even if you are not too terribly craft-inclined, you can make these really nice marble magnets and stick them on your fridge.

Like I said in my vlog, I got all materials at Michaels. The materials are:

– Marbles with one flat edge; can be found in Florals – Flat Magnets – 3/4″ hole punch – E6000 Clear glue – Magazines or scrap paper

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Shopping on your cell phone

Woman can now shop & buy clothes, furniture, cd & dvds, wheater forecasts, etc. from their cell phones. I think it’s exculsive to the asian market right now. 

Might not wanna tell your girlfriends about this app ;P

a little about the business

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