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South Koreans now MAD at Apple as a Country, not just about Samsung anymore.

(A typical comments box at a Korean website)

South Koreans are now deeply hurt and mad at Apple as a whole country about Apple’s recent lawsuit to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, which has been halted of sales in Europe.

So what?

There’s evidence that Apple has altered evidence images, as see here:

One thing I (and probably most people of the world) have no tolerance of cheating, stealing, and lying. Clearly, App

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iPad Developers MAD because People Are Using iPad to Watch P*RN!


Here’s a humorous video of fictitious iPad developers MAD because people are using iPad to watch p*rn.

Of course, iPad doesn’t support Flash, meaning a lot of P*rn sites cannot be seen with it, yet.

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Robot Video – HOWTO Build a robotic Dalek Pumpkin

Here’s a little cute robot right in time for halloween! 🙂

Oh my! MAKE FLickr photo pool member Oskay made robotic pumpkin Dalek – “We Evil Mad Scientists like Halloween. A lot. You might have already seen our old-school Cylon Jack-o-lantern. Here is another halloween electronics project, hopefully in time for you to make your own: It’s a radio-controlled robotic Dalek that can move around and turn its head. Oh, and did I mention that it’s a pumpkin?”

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