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GeekCook – The Ultimate Wall Clock for Mad Scientists from China!

Apart from the word “geek” this GeekCook clock from China will bring out your mathematical skills everytime the hour hand hits 1100 in base 2 or binary. (that’s 4+8 = 12 buddy!)

Of course, don’t forget that it’s not available anywhere but China right now.  If anyone has links to where people can buy this (using English), please leave them in the comments line, thanks!

Oh yeah, don’t forget the

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Do you like to tinker with your computer a lot like me?  Well, you can make yourself a DIY CPU Desk like the guys over at Evil Mad Scientists did.  Way cool. (via bed blog)

I just love the way that this desk looks. But it gives me an idea too– take it one step further, and what if it worked? You could use a single, giant PCB for the motherboard which sat underneath the glass surface of the desk.

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DIY Giant Seven Segment Display!

I’ve seen some cool devices in the past in South Korea, it looks like the guys over at Evil Mad Scientists have found a rather larger seven segment display in China to play around with.

Take a look, this could be a great way to apply on commercial building signs as an example.

we had a little scavenger hunt, where the challenge was to build something with parts and tools acquired at the electronics markets. Here’s what I found: a single-digit seven-segment LE

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LED Coffee Table from Sparkfun!


Remember those DIY Coffee Tables from Evil Mad Scientists?  Well, here’s a similar one from Sparkfun.

“The table itself was bought secondhand and refinished. Then it was retrofitted with proper mounting for the big LED matrix. The individual LED matrices were mounted on a custom plastic frame. All this work was done by resident mechanical engineer and lady-killer Casey Haskell. The matrices

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