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Best Portable Camcorder – Flip Mino HD Review!

After having months of using my Aiptek 1080P HD camera, I’ve decided that I finally had enough of the bad microphone, bad zoom, MOV files only, and bad night filming so I bought the Flip Mino HD.  (Btw, Aiptek and MinoHD are about the same prices, highly recommend MinoHD over Aiptek, don’t waste your money on Aiptek, it sucks!)

This Flip Mino HD camcorder is probably the best portable HD camcorder for your money.  Not only is Flip Mino HD about the size of your cellphone, it practically does everything it needs to, including recording crisp 720P HD videos.


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Linux Hack – How to Batch Image Resize!

Well, one of the worst things you can encounter is to individually resize hundreds of images for a future blog post.

I am not sure if Windows or Macs have free software to do this but if you have access to a Linux computer like me, you can get stuff done much faster using Image Magick, a free open-source image auto-resizer also used on many web-platform programs.

I assuming that you have installed Ubuntu Gutsy:

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

After ImageMagick installation, you can use mogrify. For exampl

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How to Track Your Sleep Patterns on the Web using FitBit!

Now, I’ve seen a slew of sleep gadgets that can track your sleep patterns but this FitBit is the very first one that tracks your sleep patterns via their free website.  (Of course, you do have to pay for the gadget itself, but by having the patterns managed online, they don’t have to spend more money on memory hardware and plus, you’d have almost infinite storage for your sleep patterns.)

Overall, I’d give this device an A+.  It’s not for your stubborn people but for those early-a

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Toaster Drive for PCs or Macs!

I must admit I do spend an awful amount of time in front of my computer and there’s always need for some nice toasted bread.

Here’s a Toaster Drive that will fit on any 5.25″ drive bays and you can connect it to your PC power supply for power.

How cool is that?

Now, I have a toaster to make myself breakfast without having to leave my comfy (and cheap) IKEA chair.

We listen to Gamers and what product do they want the most? Turns out Gamers crave toast. Enter the CrazyPC 5.25 Bay Toaster. What better way

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Safari Browser Plugin

Do you use Safari to surf the web? There’s a Safari Browser Plugin that can help you search faster called, inquisitor, recently acquired by Yahoo.

Yahoo acquires Inquisitor, a Safari Browser Plug-in. Safari is the default browser on MACs but you can download it for PC too.

I find that Safari is actually a pretty good browser, a lot better than IE7. I lik

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VideoLAN – Open Source DVD/VCD/Media Player

Recently, I had couple overseas VCDs to watch but I recently re-installed my PC and my default Windows Media Player could not open the VCDs. Although most computers nowdays come installed with a VCD-capable player, I decided to search for an open-source media player and found VideoLAN.

It works pretty good except I only had one trouble of videos playing in black and white. To fix this, you simply need to set the video mode to something like Direct3D.

The VideoLAN also is capable of playing many formats without extra installation

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Get your Used Macs and Mac parts at dvwarehouse.com!

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Check out some of these great deals online for your used Macs and Mac parts needs over at dvwarehouse.com.

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DIY HOWTO – MAC Backpack

Let’s go make a MACpack, or a backpack made with an old MAC. If you are really into MACs, you really need one of these…

Finally after nearly a year of working, i have finished my masterpiece; I have racked up more geek points by creating a backpack from an old macintosh SE computer c. 1988. I know everyone is saying either A.) why did you destroy a perfectly good macintosh? Or B.) Why didn’t you spend that time making floppy disk plate mail like you promised? Well t

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