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Macro Photo/Video Recording on HTC Evo 4G is just Marvelous!


Here’s a video sample of macro video recording on the HTC Evo 4G from just 3 inches away without any weird macro-lens mods. Pretty neat huh?

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iPhone DIY – How to Make a Magnifying Camera Lens and LED Flash!

Honestly, you might do better using a real camera (such as a DSLR) for taking photos rather than a smartphone like iPhone but if you must, you can make yourself one of these cool magnifying camera lens along with an LED flash that will let you take close-up, macro shots with ease.  Also, don’t forget to adjust your iPhone Lens to focus for macro by hacking it if you are going to use this gizmo.

At first, I just had small metal bezels that I used to hold the l

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Camera DIY – How to Make Your Own DSLR Camera Macro Lenses!

Here’s a great DIY for all your DSLR freaks out there, learn how to make your own DSLR camera macro lenses!

Making life size pictures of hardly noticeable objects and subjects is known as macro photography. It’s widely employed in wildlife photography and in product photography. Oftentimes, macro photography requires the use of costly lenses. Read on to learn how to easily make your own macro lens.

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