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Verizon 4G Hack – How to Get Verizon 4G Modem to Work with Mac!

For those of you wondering how to get Verizon’s 4G modem to work with a Mac, Tuaw has great set of instructions to setup the modem to work with Mac. Of course, you will have to activate the 4G modem using a Windows computer but afterwards, it should be easy to take advantage of Verizon’s LTE network on your Mac. (For activating, you can use a virtual machine software on your Mac such as VMWare, or hopefully you have an extra Windows computer too.)

Next, type in the GSM device settings. For the Phone Number field, type in the phone number associated with the devic

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How to Make Mac and Windows Play Nice with PlayNice Software!

I admit it, I stand before you begging for a chance to pitch the PlayNice Software. I’m thinking how can I make this fun.. something that will catch your eye, and let YOU let ME roll with it?!

On the fly, I can say, I will give you a expose that will shed a whole new light on the tumultous relationship between Mac & Windows. I might even throw in

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Laptop Decals MacBook, iPad and Netbooks

What’s New???

I have taken some of my original artwork and have turned them into vinyl decals for Laptops, walls, windows, notebooks, furniture and what ever else you can think of.

These are:

*Full Color *100% waterproof *Easy to apply *They do not damage surfaces *Stickers can be applied to almost any smooth surface *Each graphic decal is made of high quality, self-adhesive vinyl. It can be easily removed and leaves no residue behind.

How to apply the stickers!

Peel off the backing paper, carefully position the sticker on your clean

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DIY Sony UX490 UMPC Hacked with HSPA Modem and Dual(QUAD) Boot Windows and Mac!

Check out this little Sony UX490 UMPC that has been hacked with a voice-capable HSPA modem and quad boot options for Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista Business, Windows 7 Ultimate and Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.7.

I don’t know why you would need all those different operating systems for such a little device but still, it’s a quite an achievement.  I want one.

Only thing missing, what happened to my ol’ linux?

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Password Hack – How to Hack Windows, Linux, or even Mac Passwords!

For those of you who are into hacking passwords (because you are an IT guy and people at your company have really bad memories), you might want to read up on Joe’s guide to hacking Windows, Linux, or even Mac passwords here.  Also, don’t forget you can hack Firefox passwords too here.

Windows is still the most popular operating system, and the meth

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Firefox DIY – How to Shutdown Your Computer Automatically After Downloads are Finished!

For those of you looking for a solution to download all your files off the web and shut down your computer automatically when they are finished, you are in luck as there’s Firefox Autoshutdown plug-in that works on all types of computers including Windows, Mac, and linux.  (Of course, linux, you could probably script something instead or just leave it on as linux is a lot more secure than everything else out there.)

For detailed instructions on how to use this plug-in,

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Mac Hack – How to Clean CPU Fan and Replace Hard Disk on a PowerBook G4!

Recently, one of my friends who is a plumber in San Francisco, gave me an old PowerBook G4.  Well, since I am not an Apple fan boy (sorry Apple fan boys), I’ve figured I can install Windows XP.

I ran into the big problem that Windows XP is not supported on a PowerPC CPU, which is what the PowerBook G4 has.  Since I do also run a bunch of linux machines at my home, I figured I could run some linux on

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Apple with 3 new Mac commercials


Here’s some more Apple ads trying to counter the new Laptop Hunter ads.

It looks like Apple is trying to counter Microsoft’s Laptop Hunter commercials. They seem to be successful so far with these new commercials. The video below has all three comercials in one. Great Thanks to TheMightyM94 for uploading it.

via Source

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The MacWorld Steve Jobs Flash Game!

Wow, i was just searching through some stuff on Macs today on SiteHoppin’ (we added a new category Mac today) and found this awesome Steve Jobs Flash game!

This has got to be the tightest game I’ve seen in awhile. BTW, Macworld is going on right now.

Here’s the story:

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Dutch Design Home PC

Check out the Dutch Design Home PC! Looks really cool.

“Our idea was to create something small, stylish and quiet and we asked the Dutch designer Ed Annink to make the design.

The case is built around one layer aluminum heatsink to provide cooling surface for the hard disk and other components.

And the cover of the case is fully fitted with highly efficient noise absorption material to g

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