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Bike Hack – How to Make a High Powered LED Bike Light!

If you are into DIYs and bikes, make sure to check out this DIY that shows you how to make a high-powered LED bike light so you can “see” everything while you ridin’.

For those of us traveling by non-motorized conveyance (bicycle e.g.), visibility is important in both forenoon and post-twilight conditions. The best way to ensure such visibility is through the use of excessively bright lights, of which the latest light emitting diodes (LEDs) are the acme. The following account will detail the process of building an LED based head-l

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QingBar MP101 Mini Projector iPhone & iPod Touch Dock!

Here’s a cool projector for your iPhone and iPod Touch devices.  This projector will project between 15 to 27 inches of your iPhone/iPod Touch display onto a wall.

While the 640×480 image resolution is understandable, the ANSI brightness rating is a less-than-stellar 10-15 lumens, and you’re looking at a contrast ratio of just 200:1. So while it’s able to project an image that’s roughly 15 to 27 inches in size, don’t expect a similar visual experience as you get from your local digitally-equipped movie theater. The dock also feature

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Sanyo XGA Projector with Ultra-short Projection Distance!

Sanyo is coming out with a new projector that will allow you to project an XGA screen about as short as 3 inches.

This might be a great time for us to buy a blank poster and one of these for monitor.

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> Sanyo has presented its ultra-short throw XGA projector ‘PLC-XL50’ in Korea market, which is able to get a bright, vibrant 80-inch diagonal image from a projector placed only 3 inches from the screen.

Supporting 2,

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Evolux LED Lightbulbs let you control the Lumens!


Ha, this has to be the most technologically advanced light bulb that consumers can buy right now.  It’s basically got LEDs and a microcontroller to control the whole schbang.

EvoDim allows for maximum energy conservation by allowing the user to cycle the bulb through three different output settings (250 Lumen, 750 Lumen, 950 Lumen) simply by rapidly switching the bulb on and off. The EvoLux R effortlessly goes

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