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Home DIY – How to Make an Elan Armoire Wardrobe!

Here’s a cool way to make an Elan Armoire wardrobe without spending $2,199, you just need about $300 for wood and extra parts.

This project may look tough but its really just building a couple of basic plywood boxes and fence style door. Measure twice, cut once and get your friends at the lumberyard to do most of your cutting.

MATERIALS NEEDED: 4 sheets of 4’x8’x3/4” Birch Plywood 72.25

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DIY – How to Build a Birdhouse!


Do you have a lot of pretty little birds in your yard?  Then, you might want to consider building your birds their own birdhouse to live in and breed.

So bring some modernism to your house, whatever its era, by creating a home for your native avian population by building a mid-century birdhouse. I’ve included my measurements and process here, but feel free to model yours after architecture you love. And don’t worry if you don’t have a full collection of woodworking tools (I don&#

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