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Damier Geante Golf Bag by Louis Vuitton!

At a lofty $8,400, this Damier Geante Golf Bag by Louis Vuitton maybe the worst golfing investment you will ever make as golf bag design was never a factor in looking good for golf.

Rather, you need a sturdy bag that will live up to rainfall and daily grind.

I know Louis Vuitton makes great handbags but golf bags?  Come on guys, you need to do better than this.

This golf bag might be able to fit just half of my clubs but probably too small by tour standards anyways.

Form and function must come together for a good golf bag and

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Louis Vuitton Vespa Scooter!

I remember people used to ride Vespa scooters in Korea like they were some luxury items while in the US no one really cares.

Here’s a cool LV Vespa Scooter!  This must be a luxury item then…

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