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Wii Hack – How to Connecting a Wiimote to your Mac or PC!

For those of you who want to connect your Wiimote to play games on your Mac or PC, you might interested to know about this DIY that shows you how to connect a wiimote to your Mac or PC.  I personally think it’s a great idea for adding motion sensing to your computer games. (although I have stopped playing games a long time ago.)

WiiMote is the best Gaming gadget you could ever dream of. Though Originally designed for Nintendo Wii console, WiiMote can be used by interfacing to PC, MAC via Bluetooth.

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Keyboard Hack – How to Make DIY Keyboard Shorts!

This has to be the most interesting blogger-wear ever I’ve seen in the last few years, DIY keyboard shorts that will let you keep blogging away with your legs up, no keyboard to balance on your thighs.

I definitely need one of these for lazier blogging…

Today was Fashion Hacking day with Diana Eng at NYC Resistor and I’ve wanted to make these keyboard pants for a long time. The basic idea was to take a flexible silicone keyboard and somehow integrate it with some pants (or shorts). I had they keyboards laying

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Food Hack – How to Make Homemade Ranch Dressing!

I’ve always wondered how to make my own ranch dressing.  Although I have been working on my special sauce, this is a good way to help me make even better sauces.

For a long time I’ve been under the impression that ranch dressing was a magical concoction that I’d never be able to make myself. Oh, how I was wrong! Not only is it possible, but it’s easy to make your own delicious, healthy, ranch dressing.

via instructables

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Pyro DIY – How to Make Napalm Goo!


I did try making some napalm back in middle school where I did a lot of tinkering by reading the Poor Man’s James Bond. (Yes, that was my favorite book then.)

Here’s how to make napalm yourself using some styrofoam and gasoline.  Just don’t burn anyone or any houses when you do this.

On the side note, I did burn down half of my lawn while I made my napalm when I was about 11 years old.  (long time a

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Circuit City Liquidation!

The long time consumer electronics goliath Circuit City is finally going through liquidation.  It seems odd that such a big retailer could go down.  Perhaps it’s due to their lack of computers/laptops, which I’d never though of buying at Circuit City anyways.

I think their failure can be summed to their branding and associations with TVs and stereo more than computers and laptops.  Well, I am no retail expert but it’s sad to them go.

Now that details are starting to flow in, we’re told that it will liquidate 567 of

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FREE Flash Games at PinkArcade.com!

My long-time blogger friend Mike from Bloggin-Ads.com (he had to sell the site because of money problems) has launched a new flash game site called PinkArcade.com.  It’s doing pretty good right now but he needs my help and your help.

Well, basically it’s bunch of flash games you can play for free so I don’t see how you can lose by bookmarking this site.

Anyways, please check it out and enjoy the free flash games! 🙂

Btw, most of latest blog pos

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YouTube Hack – How to Control YouTube Video Speed!

Wow, I have been looking for something like this a long time, a YouTube speed controller that lets you slow down or speed up the YouTube videos.

I find this utility awesome for analyzing golf swings in slow motion or simply skipping to a certain section of the video a lot faster.

It’s a free plugin that will work on most browsers including IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

You can download it HERE and try it yourself.

With MySpeed you can:

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DIY – How to Make a Pumpkin Centerpiece!

Looking for a cool centerpiece decoration for your home?  Well, here’s a great DIY on how to make a pumpkin centerpiece to lighten up your kitchen, livingroom, wherever you need more Halloween spirits.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve done something with flowers, so I wanted to incoporate fresh flowers in this weeks project. I did a centerpiece with white pumpkins (technically, i think they are gourds) as the base with accents using plain old begonias. I always try to make my projects versatile, so colors can be altered to f

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Camera Hack – How to Add an external battery to the Flash!

Here’s a short little camera hack for those of you having trouble with re-charging the flash by adding an external battery.  It might be a hack but it will work if you are shooting photos in long sessions.

If you’ve been shooting with a flash for a while, I’m sure you had some battery problem or another at least once. Like when one of four batteries goes bad and quickly discharges the other three. Or when it’s cold and the batteries don’t hold their charge so well anymore. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a

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DIY – How to Remove Rusted Nuts and Bolts Easily using Propane Gas and Wax!


I am sure many of you encounter situations where your nuts or bolts stay on the rim, causing you to accidently break it off.  Now, if you ever get those hard-to-remove nuts whether from rust or whatnot, you can use this method of heating wax with propane gas near the nuts and bolts to get them totally loosened.

I’ve personally broken a rim stud before, and needless to say, I wish I had known how to do this back then.

I have a trick that has been around for a long time. This is a t

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