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MacBook THIEVES – Apple Store Heist in New Jersey!

Wow, take a look at this video of these 5 “professional” burglars who stole 23 MacBook Pros in just 31 seconds!  That is impressive regardless of what they did.  These thieves must have done speed lap training beforehand.

Now, I am not saying you should ever steal anything but if you are going to be a burglar, you gotta be as fast as these guys and be smart.  (I feel like I am watching a mini-version of ocean’s eleven…)

I’ve seen so many dumb criminals on COPS, it’s a relief that the media finally lets some truth through, that there are a

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DIY – How to Pick a Lock!


Well, I have locked myself out more than dozen times in my life and here’s a video that could possibly help you unlock your lock in that moment of truth. (that you don’t want to be in)

Also, you can check out how you can use bump keys to unlock locks too.

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Coleman Inflatable Mattresses with Speakers for iPod or MP3!

Cool, Coleman has just introduced their new inflatable mattresses with speakers for iPod or MP3.  For those of you on the constant go like me, you know how valuable an extra speaker is, especially when you consider all the backpains you get while sleeping on an inflatable mattress.  Price:

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Lockpick DIY – How to make your own lockpicks

I love spy movies. Who doesn’t? Have you always wanted your own set of lock picks? I have, but they are so hard to find, plus they are expensive. But thanks to this video, you can learn how to make your own set from hacksaw blades. I want to try this one out, for sure.

Man, that’s cool. I could watch him pick locks all day.

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HACK – How to Open Electric Doors with Giant Magnets!


Apparently, some electric and electromagnetic doors can be opened easily with these giagantic magnets.

The ‘ring of the devil’ is capable of attacking this kind of electronic motor lock on two ways.

Scenario 1: An electronic motor is nothing more then a metal part on an axe that turns because of a changing magnetic field. Turning electro magnets on and off will generate a pulling force on the metal part, making it rotate. The ring does the same thing. By turning the ring, t

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