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Web DIY – How to Setup Load Balancing Linux Web Servers!

Here’s a good DIY for webmasters looking to expand their websites to handle more traffic with load balancing linux web servers. I have been looking into load-balancing even this site as it’s getting too big to manage with a single server.

All the software required to implement a LAMP cluster ships with most Linux distributions, so it’s easy to implement. We’ll construct a cluster using seven computers for a fictitious company, foo.com. Two servers will run DNS, primary and backup, to distribute Web requests among three Web servers that read and write data from

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Linux Server Hack – How to Limit Bandwidth with Linux, TC, and iproute2!

Remember I did a quick post on how to write a load-balancing script (or bandwidth throttling)?

Well, today I found another cool script for limiting bandwidth.  I believe this one if more complicated but if you need it, it might be greatly helpful.

Here’s the code via Adamsinfo.com:

# Set some variables #!/bin/bash EXT_IFACE=”e

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