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RSS Pillow for Bloggers!

Are you a blogger?  Well, then you really need to get this awesome RSS pillow that will turn your livingroom into feed-frenzy environment.

Now you can dream about and wake up to the RSS symbol as this pillow is a cool representation of what you will see on millions of sites across the internet.

via sleep revolution

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Control Alt Delete Sofa Pillows!

You will want to “reboot” your sofa with these awesome Ctrl+Alt+Del pillows, just $10 at Etsy.

Reboot your livingroom with this three pillow set. Light gray pillows look as if they’ve jumped right off your keyboard.

Set of three pillows. Made from Eco-Felt (100% recycled Plastic bottles!) these 12″ pillows are soft yet durable. Backs have envelope enclosures so the pillow inserts can be removed for easy washing. Machine wash cold with like colors t

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LED DIY – How to Make an Awesome LED Cube!

Wow, this has to be the most awesome LED project I have seen in awhile, apart from my LED projects. (okay, haha)

Can you imagine making these cool DIY LED cubes lining up the shelves in your livingroom with the lights off?  It almost reminds me of the XBOX360 logo.

You never know when you might need a glowing cube to convince people you are from the future.

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Eye Lamps!

Here’s a cool Eye Lamp that will open up as it sees human presence. (or animals too for that matter)

I do like it but it’s still a design, here’s a bunch more eye lamps you can buy though:

Eye Plasma Lamp is a good one for your livingroom, get bunch of these and turn

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Furniture Made From Jeans!

How would you like to sit on your old jeans that have been rejuvenated back into your livingroom as a sofa?

A Japanese company is doing exactly this, you should note it costs about $400 for them to make you one, but I don’t see why not you can’t do this yourself on your spare time either.

This concept may seem to be a rather strange idea, after denim is not usually associated with furnishings, but in Japan the re-using of materials is a big thing and denim is coming through a good hard wearing and stylish covering for furniture.

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Today on Bedzine

Okay, here’s some interesting reads on Bedzine today:

Learn how to build a loft bed here.  You can revitalize your livingroom with some wood grain cushions.

The DIY Coffee Table is a great gift for engineers and other creative people. (including me)

The world should be fuller of these type of

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Bed DIY – How to Make your Own Atari Joystick Lamp!

Lol, an Atari Joystick Lamp!?!  Yes, if you will retro-fit your livingroom, you will definitely look cool among your peers. Great job on the instructables.

I wanted to make something to enter into the Craftsman contest that would be challenging for me to make, but really cool and unique to have once it was finished. This was what I came up with.

via gizmodo

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Life Hack – How to Save Time using Mobile Internet and GoogleMaps!

Last night, I was cooking some great sirloin beef that I bought at Costco the other day.  And of course, the sourdough bread I bought 2 weeks ago was too hard to eat.  (I could have wacked someone in the head with the hard sourdough bread and killed him/her.)

Anyways, in order to search for a solution for my too-hard, outdated San Francisco’s genuine sourdough bread, I immediately launched my Opera Mini browser on my Blackberry in my kitchen.

Upon enter

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DIY – How to Make a Pumpkin Centerpiece!

Looking for a cool centerpiece decoration for your home?  Well, here’s a great DIY on how to make a pumpkin centerpiece to lighten up your kitchen, livingroom, wherever you need more Halloween spirits.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve done something with flowers, so I wanted to incoporate fresh flowers in this weeks project. I did a centerpiece with white pumpkins (technically, i think they are gourds) as the base with accents using plain old begonias. I always try to make my projects versatile, so colors can be altered to f

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DIY Modular Floor Tiles for Hardwood Floors!

Looking for some new carpet that will spice up your hardwood floors?  Well, FLOR sells some of really awesome modular floor tiles you can get to decorate your livingroom in a whole new way.  Plus, I think this will be great if you have toddlers and hard floors.  With thiese floor tiles, you can easily set aside some room for your kids to play on.

Best yet, this FLOR company also uses eco-friendly, recycled materials for their floor tiles.

FLOR carpet squares let you easily design area rugs to fit any size space or install wall-to-wall in

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