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Drum DIY – How to Make Drums from Can of Crackers!

I own a set of drum sticks, not a drum set.  Honestly, I cannot afford real drums, although I have been really thinking of getting electric drums soon.

Hey, but there’s a better way, why don’t we recycle can of crackers and make some drums?  I might have just found a way to save myself

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Best Ionic Air Purfier Review!

If your house doesn’t get much fresh air or simply you need to purifie it, you do have a choice, that of getting an ionic air purifier.

You need to get an ionic air purfier, not just a generic air purifier.  There’s a bunch of “regular” air purifiers out on the market today but they are not as efficient nor recommended as the ionic ones.

The PlasmaWave Air Pur

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