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DIY Steampunk Frankenstein PC Mod!

Wow, check out this awesome DIY steampunk “Frankenstein” PC mod!  Incredible!

“Intel CPU Duo Core 2 E6600 2x Western Digital 320 Gig drives Linksys Wireless G XFi-Extreme Gamer Sound Blaster Corsair Dominator Memory XMS2 (2Gig) 3 Liters of “Fluid XP Ultra Green” liquid 2 Radiators – Each cools CPU and GPU’s separately 2 “EK” reservoirs REV.2

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Garden DIY – How to Make a Green Water Pump!


Check out this awesome DIY that shows you how to make a green water pump that can pressurize water upto 28psi without use of any electricity or gas, just water.  I can see this thing saving local farmers a LOT of money, great DIY!

The one I built has a few novelties that make it more reliable, cheaper and easier to operate than most of the plans you find on the Internet. It developed a steady 28psi pressure at the pump and delivered about 1,000 gallons per day where we wanted it.


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Air Conditioning Add-on for your Chair!

Oh my God!  I saw this and told myself this is exactly what I’ve needed for years!  It’s an air conditioning add-on for your shair so you can cool your butt while you work, drive, etc…etc…

It seems like it’s only available in Japan right now, maybe I get a couple next time I head over to Japan.  (I’ve only been to the Narita Airport so we will see…)

Kuchofuku has developed Suzukaze air conditioned seat cushion as its newest product. Kuchofuku located in Japan is famous for developing air condition

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