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Hack – First look at linux powered DVR/Media recorder

Kinda cool hackable linux powered DVR here.


    Standalone Linux Based Media Player connects to your TV Record from any external analog audio/video source such as a DVD player or Cable box Automatically encode video/audio for playback on mobile devices such as PSP and mobile phones Playback a variety of media formats on your TV including MP4, AVI, ASF, MP3, OGG, WMA, AC3 Timed recording feature allows scheduled recordings in advance Storage via media cards (SD/MMC and CF) or external

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The new Atmel AVR32 – STK1000 Embedded Linux Start Kit

[gv data=”c38jUdeRV30″][/gv]

Just in case you haven’t seen this one from Atmel, My new Atmel AVR32 development kit, STK1000 Linux Box!

It loads up great, I haven’t had the time to mess around with it but seems like it has 2 Ethernet ports, 2 USB ports, bunch of I/Os, push buttons and nice color LCD. The whole Linux runs on a 256MB SD Card, which is kinda cool…

“STK1000 provides a complete AT32AP7000 development environment. The kit has two ethernet ports, a high quality QVGA LCD, a loudspeaker, and

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Play Starcraft via a touch screen!


Here’s a Linux powered touch screen Startcraft via wine.

Wine let’s you run windows program in Linux.

FYI: VMWare can do it too. via techeblog

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Chumby Open Source Wi-Fi Touch Screen Device

Wow, check out these chumbies, wifi enabled touch screen. Hmmm. If they came out with a Chumby phone, I’d get one.

“chumby is a small, wifi enabled, touch screen information device. When you take it out of the box and plug it in it is essentially a glorified alarm clock. But when you take a moment and register your particular Chumby at their website, it can become just about anything you like. A number of widgets are available now and can be enabled on Chumby with a click. And Since Chumby is completely open source and has made a HDK and

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ESC Embedded Systems Conferece

Next embedded systems conference in Boston to find the latest emerging technolgies.

via embedded

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DIY Mobile Robot Runs Linux


“Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute has released the first in a series of open, educational robotics designs. The Linux-based “Qwerkbot” can be built in two hours from detailed online instructions, at a cost of $550.”

via digg

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Do-It-Yourself Robots with Linux

Hmm…this seems hard, I think u need a graduate degree from MIT…

via linuxjournal

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DIY – Linux PVR

Getting started w/ a DIY Linux project

via diylinuxpvr

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