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Hacking and Network Security

Here’s some cool list of hacking and network security websites:


MisterHouse – Open Source Home Automation with web interface

Check out this open source home automation software that you can mess around with. Garrett found this site while trying to make some of his home automation DIYs. Cool! Thanks Garrett!

MisterHouse is an open source home automation program. It’s fun, it’s free, and it’s entirely geeky. Written in Perl, it fires events based on time, web, socket, voice, and serial data. It currently

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PSP HACK – uClinux on your PSP!

Check out this cool PSP hack! Someone ported uClinux to a PSP! :p

uClinux is a open-source linux for small embedded applications.  You have no royalty to pay for after you develop an application which is the benefit over the royalty attached RTOS (Real Time Operating Systems).  Micrium has some cool RTOS but I think you have to pay like $10,000 just to get started…

I ported

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HACK – Changing Your MAC Address In Window XP/Vista, Linux And Mac OS X

Remember we found a MAC Address HACK for Windows the other day?

Well, here’s more ways for hacking your MAC Address that includes Windows XP, Vista, Linux, AND MAC OSX! I think these are simpler than the ones before.


1) Bring down the interface: “ifconfig xl0 down”

2) Enter new MAC address: “ifconfig xl0 link 00:00:00:AA:AA:AA”

3) Bring up the interface: “ifconfig xl

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OpenMoko – World’s First Integrated Open Source Mobile Communications Platform

Wow, tight ass iPhone like cellphone that you can hack using the open source mobile platform!

We have all seen the new Apple iPhone that was just released at

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List of Free Linux Games

Check out this list of games that are free for Linux!

via wagthis

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Cool Free Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial

Here’s a cool free linux shell scripting tutorial for all you Linux hackers!

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Video of Tux Droid!

[gv data=”duqD-7UfjNU”][/gv]

Remember the Tux Droid couple articles back? We found a video! Yipee!



2 more videos from Andy, thanks Andy! 🙂

[gv data=”QUe0OjIRbtY”][/gv]

Cool voice dude….

[gv data=”TGgWYQaEHAE”][/gv]

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Tux Droid – Robot programmble with Linux

Here’s a cool Tux droid robot for all your Linux robotics pleasures!

Tux Droid is a first generation 2.4 GHz wireless robot specially built for Linux®.

Tux Droid will be your favorite smart companion. Connect him to your PC and make him flap his wings, dance around, talk, blink his eyes, and all the other stuff you can imagine…

• Let Tux Droid dance when you receive an e-mail • Program Tux Droid as a guard dog to scare away intruders • Program

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Hacking your wireless router

This has been around but it’s good to know you can always run a better Linux OS on your router.

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