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Electric Giraff, Submarine maker, and more at Maker Faire!

Check out some of the cool stuff and people that are going to be at the Maker Faire! (Including us but we have no idea what to bring…yet)

We will get to play with an electric giraff (hopefully) and meet with submarine maker Mike Wernecke.

You can get some tickets f

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The Cool Robot Links of the Day

(Picture via nickbaxter)


DIY Linux/Ubuntu – How to set up a custom firewall using iptables

Here’s a cool DIY I stumbled onto today that shows you how to setup a custom firewall using iptables. This might not be for those of you who already have a GUI server management system but it’s good to know just in case your GUI goes down…

After getting some problems with firestarter i decided to get knowledge about iptables and how to set my own firewall script and want to share this experience for users who want to set a custom firewall up quickly. The purpose of this

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Do you need to learn to install VMware on your new Fedora or Ubuntu? Here’s a cool site that has a massive collection on VMware howtos.

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HowtoHut.com for HOWTOs and DIYs

Check out HowtoHut for some cool howtos and DIYs. I think they are new but I see some cool info so…

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DIY HACK – How to install Ubuntu Linux on a flash drive

Here’s a cool howto on installing your Ubuntu to a flash drive!

This’d be great for people like me since I can take Ubuntu with me everywhere.

via lifehacker

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Get paid $4,500 by Google to work on open-source projects!


Here’s a cool way to spend your summer and get paid if you are into open source projects! WordPress is among the projects that were accepted by Google. It seems like Google just has too much money to give away, why not take advantage of it?



Looking for something fun to do this summer? All college and university students around the

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Ubuntu 6.10 – free alternative over Windows Vista


Check out this video of the new Ubuntu 6.10!



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Why you should get a Linux


Here’s a cool video on a 3D touchscreen desktop system with Linux and XGL. This is why you should get a Linux and deal with all the installation troubles. “Linux is Da Bomb!”

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More Matchstick rockets from Mr. Blank


You can submit your DIY ideas to Mr. Blank if it is too classified or you are too shy. Mr. Blank is an open-source guy personality, cool… Also, check out his first matchstick rocket video!  (yes, up there dude…or  grrrr….)

Blank (me) is an open-source identity that web denizens can use if they want to show the world some great DIY, but are too shy (or if the DIY is of a necessarily anonymous nature 🙂

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