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DIY Mobile Robot Runs Linux


“Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute has released the first in a series of open, educational robotics designs. The Linux-based “Qwerkbot” can be built in two hours from detailed online instructions, at a cost of $550.”

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Do-It-Yourself Robots with Linux

Hmm…this seems hard, I think u need a graduate degree from MIT…

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DIY – Linux PVR

Getting started w/ a DIY Linux project

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list of Linux HOWTOs

For those linux users need a single line list of Linux howtos.

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DIY – Hack your Linksys router to get more bandwidth and play w/ Linux

Yes, this is really cool site that tells you how to get more bandwidth from your ISP. via [i-hacked]
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DIY – How to hack your Linksys router as a repeater

here’s an article on how to hack your Linksys router to act as a repeater.

Your neighbor is in possession of router A. It is set to factory defaults initially. This is important because it shows the victim isn’t technically savvy and won’t notice your intrusion. You have router B, a Linksys WRT54G that you will be putting into client mode and connecting to router A. The final component, router C, is plugged into router B and acts as a wireless access point.

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DIY Use your set-top box as a Linux box on your TV

Here’s an interesting way to hack a set-top box into a Linux box.

Now you can run linux on your TV, this set-top box apparently costs

around $500 US but I think you can hack it into something useful.

via [linuxdevices.com]

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DIY – Linux FTP how-to

Linux FTP Server Setup

Here’s what i think is the best place for installing a FTP server on your linux box using vsFTP.

Although mostly text command lines, i think it’s the simplest out on the web.

via [chinalinuxpub]

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