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Linux Hack – How to Make Persistent Bootable USB Flash Live Disks for Ubuntu/Linux Operating Systems!

Remember I told you about a cool free software called UNetbootin that lets you make bootable USB flash drives for your linux operating systems?

Well, I ran into one problem, I could only make live CD versions of linux, but not able to use it as a hard drive in “persistent mode”.

You can use Ubuntu’s USB-imagewriter to make a persistent bootable USB flash drive except you will need Ubuntu installed to use the program to begin with.

For those of you who are running Windows, you can get this awesome free program called

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Linux Hack – How to Make USB Flash Live Disks for Ubuntu/Linux Operating Systems!

Recently, I’ve been having a blast playing with a bunch of USB flash drives including a Windows 7 USB Flash drive that helped me install Windows 7 on bunch of my friend’s computers.  Of course, I started playing with Linux now, different versions (distros) of Ubuntu.

Of course, along the way, I found this great free software that will quickly let you make a live USB flash drive of any linux distro you like called UNetBootin.

Basically, you download your favorite linux distro, use this software to burn the IS

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Linux Hack – SSH/SCP HOWTOs for More Secure/Faster Linux!

As a person who manages about 10 web servers on a daily basis (yes, that’s the overworked poor me), SSH/SCP has been invaluable in having me get things done faster while keeping things secure.

For those of you who don’t know, SSH is basically a secure shell for linux systems (my web servers run linux) so you can connect to it remotely and get things done.  Of course, you will need a dedicated server of some sort because most shared web hosting companies don’t allow for SSH connections.  (or VPS would work too

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Linux Hack – How to Install DNS Cache!

Yesterday, I was doing some researching on a new Twitter app site I was making.  Since I was going to be dealing with a heap of data, I needed to make sure the web server was optimized as much as it can.  One of the way to optimize your web server (or even your Linux desktop), is to install “DNS Cache”.

DNS Cache basically caches your DNS queries so if you try to access the same domain name again later, it’s retrieved from the cache in less than 1ms instead of taking another 20 to 500ms. (This depends but usually, it takes anywhere between 20 to 500ms for a DNS fe

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Linux/Wii Hack – How to Use Wiimote with Linux!

Here’s another great linux/wii hack that alows you to use a Wiimote with linux games.  The author uses a linux HTPC which projects HD onto his wall using a projector, thus using Wiimote as control device not only a necessity, it also allowed protectiong against damages to expensive HDTVs.

When I had to decide on a remote control for it, it didn’t take me long to see a wii-mote would be ideal. It is wireless, has enough buttons to make movie control

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Linux Hack – How to Sync your iPhone/iPod Touch on Linux!

For those of you who need to sync  iPhone to your linux (and only God knows why Apple doesn’t support Linux out of the box), you might want to read up on this guide on which packages to install and how to do it. (well, coming soon really…)

As an avid linux user, I think this is something Apple must definitely look at as there are more linux users, Linux is still the most widely used operating system for websites including this one, that should give them some clue.

Well, I’m happy t

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Linux Hack – How to Add a network-monitor VFD display to your Linux Computer!

For those of you who need another smaller display for monitoring stuff such as network load and status on your linux computer, here’s a great DIY on how to add a MatrixOrbital VFD display.  I see a lot of great uses on this, will have to make one myself soon. 🙂

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If you use Linux, you know Xeyes is a simple program that follows your mouse movements. You can check out some web examples of Xeyes. You can even paste this javascript code on your website for Xeyes on the web.

Anyway, Hunz created physical Xeyes that stands on his window and follow people’s walking movements. Tight! We w

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Wii HACK – Wii on iPod!


Check out this Wii hack, someone got a Nintendo Wii to play on iPod!

Just playing some Wii… on my 60GB iPod. Basically in a nutshell I just rewired my dock with the lightbar from the Wii. Then running linux and a app that I installed on the iPod, enabled it for live video stream via the 30pin dock connector (ie. instead of video out I can have video in) Then with a few splicing of the composite video connectors and some electrical tape to convert it to the S-Video jack on the back of the dock. The audio was passed through to a

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