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Project Runway Sewing Machine!

Now, you can get the exact same sewing machine used on the TV-series Project Runway right on Amazon for $249.99. If you are an avid designer who want to compete against the best, I highly suggest you to get this to practice until you are on the Project Runway show.

The Brother SM6500PRW Computerized Sewing

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Calvin Klein Perfume Speaker!

Calvin Klein is planning an evil plot to take over the world with its CK Perfume Speaker that acts as both perfume holder and speaker for your iPod/MP3 players.  Great idea, I hope it goes well.

However, what makes this special is that packaging actually comes with a built in speaker, which is great for plugging the Mp3 into and listen to some music while you are getting ready to go out. These limited edition packages are good to keep too, if the whole thing is left in the original packaging it may be worth something one day, depending on how many

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8GB Solid 18-Carat Gold USB Stick!

I’ve seen so many “diamond” studded iPhones that are useless, but this 8GB Solid 18-Carat Gold USB Flash Drive Keychain looks promising as it uses solid gold to keep the USB drive in-tact even when dropped from the 10th floor.  Although it’s going to cost your $599 to get one, it might be worth it as you can engrave your own “logo”.  If I can make a million bucks on the internet one day, I will get one as a souvenir.

The limited-edition drive from Super Talent Technolog

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Corvette DIY – How to Turn a 1978 Corvette into a Batmobile!

Here’s a cool DIY showing you how to turn a 1978 Corvette into a Batmobile.  I think you could probably also do this with older Stingray Corvettes too.

Q: What is the original car that this was made from? A: A brought-back-from-the-dead 1978 Corvette (most likely the limited edition pace car model).

Q: Did you make this from a kit? Where can I get it? A: No, this is not a kit car. This was handmade using high density foam, fiberglass and a variety of

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DIY – How to Make your Own One Dollar Money Clip!

Here’s a real simple and easy way to keep your bills tidy and handy using 2 magnets, duct tape, and a dollar bill.

Get it?

It’s a money clip made from a couple of magnets and a bill of currency. He calls each one a “limited design”, because all paper currency in any country is uniquely numbered and therefore by its nature a “limited edition”.

via Yankodesign

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