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Fish Tank Hack – How to Heat/Light Your Fish Tank using LEDs!

Here’s a rather ingenious hack where the owner of this fish tank has replaced his florescent lights with LEDs.  On top of that, he has used aluminum casing that transfers heat generated by its LED system into the water directly. (You can see aluminum bars extended into the water.)

First off, I don’t think the LEDs themselves generate enough heat to actually heat the water much because LEDs in general are low-heat devices.  But it seems like the owner of this fish tank

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Cigarette Hack – How to Make a Battery Lighter!


Here’s a simple method of using 2 AA batteries and string of wool to light your cigarette for those emergency situations.

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CES Video – Keyboard that lights up


Wow, this is one cool keyboard I wanna get.

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DIY HACK – Make your own LED Bedroom!


Check out this cool DIY on making your own LED Pimp Bedroom and RGB light HOWTO!

I got this idea last year from a couple different things, one was this rope lightdecoration at the Illini Union courtyard cafe that continuously changes colors. The other was from this huge bright LED sign at Irving Park and Sheridan in Chicago that is at s

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DIY HACK – Build a Flashlight that can burn paper!


[gv data=”79Aw8nH9IrM”][/gv]

Here’s a cool DIY that shows you how to build a super strength flashlight that can burn paper.


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Cool Stuff from Hackaday


Hackaday found some cool stuff after their sushi thanksgiving party, well I gotta give that a try next year. You can always refer to Make’s HOWTO on sushi for sushi lovers.

Talking about sushi, if you live in San Francisco, you gotta check out Oyaji’s Restaurant.  It’s run by a Japanese chef, Hideki, who&#

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DIYers Tool – Relays, relays, relays…


What are relays? You need relays for various DC/AC devices. Even your car has 30-40 relays on it for your head lamps, tail lights, turn signals, and etc…

Here’s an example of making a Party Light using a CUSB22R that has relays on-board. You have couple options:

For small to medium apps requiring up to 5A at 250VAC or 5A at 30VDC, you can try relay4 board or

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Cool BEER glasses and margarita glasses that light up


Well, I haven’t gone clubbing lately but this would be some cool looking glasses and cubes…via uniquedaily

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DIY Circuit – Adjustable Strobe Light


Here’s a cool adjustable strobe light you can make for your next party or halloween strobe light pumpkin.

This one uses a much more powerful “horse shoe” Xenon tube which produces more light. You can also control the flash rate up to about 20Hz. Do not look directly at the flash tube when this thing is on!


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DIY HOWTO – Wireless Color changing light project with PIC


Here’s a cool color changing DIY I found by google-ing…

Wow,” you say, “how can you expect to make something wireless and still have it cost less than fifty dollars?” Well I’m glad you asked. “But I didn’t ask,” you say, “I’m just reading.” Do you want to argue, or would you like to hear about my solution? That’s what I thought. For the job of fairly-reliable wireless communication, I turn to my old friends the TX433 and

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