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Photography DIY – How to Make Light Tent with Binders!

Here’s a great idea, make a light tent with binders.  This will be great for times when you need to get something photographed professionally but you don’t have the time to buy one or make a better one.  Actually, I am going to make one of these, I think it’s simply and neat.

There are plenty of variations. More binder clips can be used to add stability. Double folds can be used if the paper is thinner. Different colored paper can be used for different colored light

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DIY PHOTOGRAPHY – Collapsible Light Tent

Wow, we’ve seen a lot of light boxes and tents for photography floating on the internet before but here’s a “collapsible” light tent that might actually be useful and easy to store simultaneously.

Ever wanted to take pictures of small items around your house and make them look like it was done at a studio? It’s possible with some items around your home and a trip to your local craft store. It’s going to cost you around $15 but its money well spent. If you were to ord

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