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Circuit Hack – How to Make a Light Bulb Alarm Clock!


For those of you who want a gentle alarm clock that doesn’t use annoying loud sounds (which can stress you out when you wake up in the morning), you might want to look into this cool light bulb alarm clock that uses a PIC microcontroller and a circuit off an old alarm clock.

Also, if you are interested in even a gentler alarm clock, take a look at the RGB Orb alarm clock I made couple years back here.

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Fun DIY High Voltage Plasma Light Bulb Experiments!


Here’s a fun, interesting DIY high voltage plasma experiment you can do at home, just don’t die. 🙂

via hackedgadgets

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Lightbulb Hack – how to build a ship in a light bulb

There are a number of things I can think to do with a light bulb, but none quite this interesting. He actually builds a little ship in a light bulb.

That’s pretty crazy, right? This is a great Saturday afternoon project for the super crafty.

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LED RGB Lightbulb with Remote Control!

LED RGB Lightbulb with Remote Control!

Here’s a cool LED RGB Lightbulb that comes with a remote control.  The best part is that it’s even got flash, strobe, fade, and smooth mode for ultimate party light control.

LED color changing light bulb with wireless remote for use in any standard incandescent socket. Have a sign currently illuminated with boring white light? Own a bar or restaurant and want to really make your decorations stand out? Well here is the answer, the RGB (red, green, blue) colored LED lighting bulb. Can be used in a single

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DIY – How to Make Red Laser Wax Bulb!

Here’s a fun DIY on how to make your own glowing red laser wax bulb. A lot of work for little results but still, now you know how to do it.

this will show you how to make an awesome night light using a laser, wax, and a light bulb.

via instructables

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EarthTronics introduces Micro T2 CFL Light Bulb!


Earthtronics introduces their micro T2 CFL light bulb that’s also the very first RoHS approved bulb in America.

The T2 CFL light bulb is slightly smaller than your regular light bulb.

I like that the company is focusing more on earth than their revenue.

LAS VEGAS, USA (AVING Special Report on ‘2008 NATIONAL HARDWARE SHOW’) — Earthtronics unveiled its micro T2 CFL light bulb at the 2008 National Hardware Show, May 6 ~8, in Las Vegas. It is brighter, smaller in size and meets European RoHS environ

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Funky 4 Tube Light Bulb!

Here’s a funky 4-Tube light bulb that’s coming out soon.  (“Women seem to like it,” the President of the company says…)

Perhaps the new shape could revolutionize how CFL light bulb will be made in the future.

There’s no word on how much energy it saves over a spiral light bulb though and it costs more.

Video after the jump.

via aving


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Evolux LED Lightbulbs let you control the Lumens!


Ha, this has to be the most technologically advanced light bulb that consumers can buy right now.  It’s basically got LEDs and a microcontroller to control the whole schbang.

EvoDim allows for maximum energy conservation by allowing the user to cycle the bulb through three different output settings (250 Lumen, 750 Lumen, 950 Lumen) simply by rapidly switching the bulb on and off. The EvoLux R effortlessly goes

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Funny Video – What happens if you put a light bulb in a microwave oven

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Yes, this is what happens if you put a light bulb in a microwave oven. Hilarious!

via wagthis via

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